The Butterfly Effect – Musings on Parenthood

The Butterfly Effect

I was asked to join a blog tour along with a group of talented poets, artists, writers, photographers and those promoting peace through sharing art, words and good deeds. 

Juliette’s Thoughts and Musings on the Butterfly Effect and Parenting and Life…

The Butterfly Effect is what happens when one act of kindness, and act of peace or an act of passion causes another positive change, and like symbolic butterflies they go into the world and quietly bring hope and change. Just as your children will someday go out into the world and spread their own wings and make change.

My earliest memories are of drawing on paper.  I drew a giraffe and it didn’t turn out very well, so I changed it into a table with an umbrella over it. I think I was 3 years old. My mom kept the drawing. I love my mom. I’m still drawing.

I’m an artist to the core of my soul.  I’m a curious collector of oddities (both objects, experiences and people). I read. I discover. I write. I design. I act. I live as I wish (well, I pretend I do). And I use the word “I” a lot, or at least I used to.

Then I met a remarkable man who thought I was funny and a bit odd and a lot sexy and smart and ….I liked him a lot too because he was smart and sexy.

And that would have been fine to have stayed that way…

Until we had a child.

I never knew I could love as much as this. Both the man and the child. I never knew we could love as much.

I never knew what an amazing journey parenthood would be.

When you bring a baby or child home, whether you give birth to it or adopt it or foster or live with any child, you bring home the entire universe in a kid sized package. And something you’re never told…You NEVER know who you’re bringing home with you.

Your child is not your clone. Your child is someone with their own will and their own view – right from the start.

Throw out the baby and child care books because this little person is going to prove they’re ALL WRONG. And you’ll have more fun than you EVER imagined.

So what does a woman who muses on mom stuff teach the children in her life? 

  • Teach your children, no matter who your children are, or will become, to treasure acts of kindness.
  • Teach them that if they speak rudely to another child, they will forget it in a minute, and the other child will remember it for a lifetime.
  • Teach them the value of life and the value of love.
  • Teach them not to lie. Lies are worse than snakes – they always come back and bite you in the butt and they contain poison.
  • Teach them to learn from their mistakes.
  • Teach them to learn from the mistakes of others (if more people did that there WOULD be world peace).
  • Teach them that they ARE going to make mistakes – big ones – and that you’re always there for them (you’d better be there for them).
  • Teach them to be tough. Tough mentally and physically. We’re not living in la la land folks.
  • Tech them to love learning. Learning is a lifelong process. Like my dad used to say “If you stop learning you might as well be dead.” 
  • Teach them to play, and to keep playing even as adults.
  • Teach them to love and respect nature for it will always be a joy and they will always be amazed.
  • Teach them that it is their responsibility to take care of their environment.
  • Teach them that ignorance is a vice and knowledge is a virtue. Knowledge is power.
  • Teach them the value of friendship. Friendship is not a contest. Friendship is a lazy ride on a raft down the river. You laugh, you rescue each other, you talk until the stars come out, and you remember that trip forever, not expecting anything but to be able to be yourself, without judgement, and to not have the pressure of  judging your friend.
  • Teach them life without a sense of humor is, well, a humorless life. Who needs that?
  • Teach them to tell someone else something good about themselves every single day and MEAN IT. While your at it don’t forget hugs.
  • Teach them to smile (but don’t show your fangs). Smile a lot.
  • Teach them to pay if forward.
  • Teach them that their opinions are valued.
  • Teach them to have an active imagination – especially as they grow older.
  • Teach them that READING will take them everywhere. People who read are interesting. People who don’t…well, we won’t talk about them.
  • Teach them that people who aren’t like them are interesting. If we were all the same the world would be a very boring place.
  • And last of all teach them that they are ultimately responsible for their own actions and the consequences. Period. No exceptions. None. That’s it. 

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Check out the exceptionally beautiful Butterfly Effect:

Note: My point of view and opinions may not reflect that of the others in the blog tour. Their opinions might or might not reflect mine. But I respect their right to their opinions and creative talents. I respect that in everyone who visits my blog. My father taught me to always say and live these words: “I will defend your right to say ANYTHING and express your opinion, even if I don’t agree.”  

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~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

20 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect – Musings on Parenthood

  1. Beautiful and professional. Not only do I love this post, but you can add me to your devoted followers list. Yeah, I spied around and now I wonder if I always was a vampire mom, and never knew it. After all, my kiddos are pretty cool. That can only mean one thing, right? I look forward to finding you in my inbox.


  2. YES! Throw out those books. They did me no good whatsoever. My son is oh so who he is. Many of the lessons you mention I try to teach. We’ll see.

    • Thank goodness I’m not the only one who feels like that. Thanks for your comment! Oh my goodness we teach so much but we learn so much. Goodness, it would be easy if we all came with an owners manual – but then again, it would be pretty boring if we had owners manuals!

  3. What a beautiful b log from a beautiful soul and what life lessons you are teaching your child. You are right, bringing home a child is bringing home the universe. I am so glad to be getting to know you. And such beautiful art! Would love to post it on the plum tree art page to celebrate your talent. Thank You for this.

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  5. This is just beautiful! That is one comprehensive list of life lessons and your child is the luckiest child I know! I am sharing this with my daughters-in-law pronto! One is a brand new Mom! This made my day! Thank You!

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