Halloween Hotties: Werewolves (if you’re into guys who smell like wet dogs)

Time to Countdown to Halloween with Halloween Hotties #3 – WEREWOLVES.

Werewolves. I’m torn on this one. I just don’t find them attractive at all. OK – I don’t find most of them attractive.

Now wolves, the wonderful wild wolves who don’t turn back into humans are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth.



But Werewolves? Really? They’re just gross and disturbing.

This is not attractive or hot in any way shape or form.


But before he was transformed…Mr Chaney was quite the looker. After the transformation his was just one ugly dog faced boy.

Lon Chaney looking hot in a suit! Sweetheart stay out from under that full moon!

American Werewolf In London = hot guys, ugly werewolves.

Looking cute now guys but wait until midnight!

So what does the whole Werewolf thing mean in modern culture. Man shows his inner beast? Nooooo, it’s just another way to creep us out and give us some scary fun.

Caution: If you’ve come here for deep and meaningful look at my parenting posts.

That said, if you are looking for a HOT Werewolf… The hero of Robert McCammon’s The Wolf’s Hour, Michael Gallatin, is the most smoking hot Werewolf ever to grace the pages of fiction or non-fiction. I love this book. It goes down in my top 10 favorite books of all time. Take my word for it.


The Wolf’s Hour is about a Russian Werewolf who is a Nazi hunter during WW2. Trust me, this isn’t some silly book. It is powerful, well written and filled with some of the best characters ever written. Read it. Read it. Read it. And by the way, Mr. McCammon you’re pretty hot yourself! I mean, any man who can write how he writes has to be hot.

Then there is Adam, my own Werewolf friend. He just rolls his eyes at me.

Yes, I do have personal experience with these guys. It is creepy when you see hair growing out of the top of somebody’s hand. I can handle the teeth thing, especially since I have fangs too. And I like a man with a little hair on his chest, but not covering his entire body like, well, like a DOG or a bear rug. Nor do I like the idea of kissing a guy knowing that he was chewing on his ass the night before. Yuck.

I once told Adam that I found the idea of turning into a wolf somewhat disturbing. He went off on me for a full 15 minutes about how vile Vampires are and that we’re more or less the most evil disgusting creatures that ever stayed awake all night. I told him I hoped he’d get fleas in his crotch and that I would NEVER forgive him for trying to rip my throat out a while back. I told him he smelled like a wet dog after he’d been a wolf for the night.

Most Werewolves are Halloween Hotties because of what they look like BEFORE the full moon. You gotta admit I’m right about that one. I mean, look at the photo below with the cute guy and the puppy. Cute now…just wait until the full moon and he turns into some disgusting hairy beast that eats Alpo and small children. Maybe we just want to take care of them – like we take care of our faithful dogs. Poor babies…. No, I don’t think so.

cute guy with pup

Adam and I didn’t talk for a while after our big Werewolf vs Vampire blow out and insult throwing contest,  but we’re back to being in the close friend category.

Creatures such a Vampires and Werewolves can get a little emotional with expressing our feelings. That said, if you want emotional try spending some time with a ghost.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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He claims he looks more like the wolf, but I've seen him with those wolf teeth and hair growing out of his arms...it is enough to scare the most hardened Vampire.
He claims he looks more like the wolf, but I’ve seen him with those wolf teeth and hair growing out of his arms…it is enough to scare the most hardened Vampire.


  1. I love the werewolf/vampire thing in ‘True Blood’ – not sure how close to real life it is?
    I’m a hetero bloke but even I’ve got to admit that Sookie’s werewolf pal in series 3 is pretty damn hot!

    1. True Blood is such a fun and crazy take on the Werewolf/Vampire relationships – or any relationships for that matter. Thanks for bringing it up. Sookie has a lot of hot pals.

  2. *giggle* The werewolf is supposed to be the only enemy of a vampire – the only living thing that can kill children of the night… that’s at least what movies tell us. (But they as well tell us werewolves can be killed with a silver bullet – and from what rumors say that’s not true either)…
    Let me express it that way: I wouldn’t think it’s particularly sexy to see a werewolf transform. (if they only would turn into real great looking wolves it wouldn’t be as bad… but they look a little like a mixture between a badly developed puppy and bathroom rug) but I have to admit some of them are quite sexy before they transform).
    But then: I find some vampires sexy as hell – and still by thinking about the fact that they theoretically don’t live but exist… should this scare me? (Reading your blog I figure it shouldn’t… but my experiences with vampires are quite limited, you must know)
    Jeeeez… this entire comment sounds as confused as I am at the moment. *sigh*

    1. They are usually too sexy before they transform – that is what makes them so confusing and frustrating. Then again we’ve all met (and even dated) regular guys with personalities like that (we call them nut-jobs).

      Werewolves and Vampires are sort of like dogs and cats…it depends on how you’re raised. I have to remember the bathroom rug description. HA!

      Vampires ARE sexy as hell and dangerous. And yes, theoretically they don’t exist but we know better, don’t we?

      1. *chuckle* – And there was a misunderstanding, dearest Juliette…
        Of course we know that Vampires exist – and are sexy as hell! But I planned on saying – the they’re not “alive” – means, they do exist, but not live…
        if that makes any sense…
        But what confuses me is: would that be correct? There’s nobody better I can ask than you!

  3. If you’re not aware of it, Robert McCammon wrote a collection of short stories and novellas called THE HUNTER FROM THE WOODS. The stories all feature Michael Gallatin from THE WOLF’S HOUR and act as prequels and sequels to that book.

    Here’s the Amazon link for THE HUNTER FROM THE WOODS.

    Both books were also adapted as GraphicAudio productions that can be found here:


    Webmaster for RobertMcCammon.com

  4. Just FYI, Robert McCammon wrote a series of short stories and novellas featuring Michael Gallatin from the THE WOLF’S HOUR. The book is called THE HUNTER FROM THE WOODS, and the stories act as prequels and sequels to THE WOLF’S HOUR. You can find it on Amazon at this link:

    Both books were also adapted as GraphicAudio productions:


    Webmaster for RobertMcCammon.com

    1. Thank you Hunter. I didn’t know that! Wow. I will check it out. Robert McCammon is one of my favorite authors (in the top 5 list.) If you see him tell him I said THANK YOU for sharing his amazing stories. The Wolf’s Hour and Boy’s Life are in my opinion among the best novels written in the 20th century. I’ve given more copies of these books to friends and family members. I’m sure I’ll be adding The Hunter from the Woods to that list. Thanks again.

  5. Have you ever seen “Being Human” the British version. It does start rather tame. Three people live together, one female, two men. The woman is a ghost, murdered in the house and stuck there. One of the men is a vampire who does not drink from humans. The last man is a werewolf. They all take care of each other. I found this show so brilliantly written and acted.

    In Twilight, must say, I was Team Edward. Always favour Vampires over Werewolves. I grew up on Lon Chaney being the ultimate Werewolf. He felt in such turmoil. The Vampires I prefer the most in literature are Anne Rice Vampires but I do appreciate your stories about your family and your adventures.

    The one supernatural being I cannot handle is “Zombies,” with the exception of seeing such films as “Shaun of the Dead.” I am afraid Zombies freak me out. I saw 28 Days Later. Awesome as it is, it just seem fair it only takes being killed in the vicinities of Zombies to become one.

    If I had a choice, I would want to be a Vampire. I would be like Bill in “True Blood” in the 1st season when he didn’t drink human blood. I mean, there are ways to drink human blood. Alex McLoughlin did it in “Moon Light.” I mean he was the dreamiest Vampire ever.

    Great post. Enjoyed fantasizing. I would say I have seen more super- natural films than I thought I had seen. Must like them a lot. 😎 Jk

    1. I’ll have to check out Being Human. I thought it was some sort of medical show. LOL. I had no idea. Sean of the dead is so much fun. And YES I loved Moon Light. OMG he was HOT. That will be featured in the TV Vampires post. The Halloween Hotties series will run through October. I have a lot more. But no Zombies! No no no no Zombies. But I have to admit that I too love Sean of the Dead.

      Thank you so much for your great list of stuff we might have missed. Wow. Thanks.

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