ATG and Cocktails is Back. Summer has officially started!

When we’re not discussing 18th Century political philosophy and obscure South American literary figures …

Summer is almost here which means the annual Vampire Maman’s Cocktails and Amarica’s Got Talent Night Blog Posts! Woo Hoo! This is our third year posting about this silly show.

For those of you who don’t know, here are the facts:

1. AGT stands for America’s Got Talent

2. It is only on in the summer season on NBC.

3. It is the only “Talent” show we watch. We don’t keep up with The Voice, Dancing with Stars or whatever.

4. Unlike other shows ATG is open to all ages and all kinds of talent. It ranges from singers to dog acts to artists, to acrobats, to inbread families on unicycles to stand-up comedians, to magicians, to dancers, to weird things we’ve never even imagined.

5. Audtions take place in cities all over the country.

6. The 4 judges pick who will make the finals and it goes from there. Nick, Howard, Howie, Heidi and Mel are all back. Look them up on

7. Eventually YOU the audience gets to pick by voting online or various other ways. That is always fun.

8. Then you read this blog for my extremely opinionated views, and those of my family and friends, of the acts. We also comment on the judges etc etc etc. We tend not to like snotty kids, people who dislocate their joints, large creepy squeaky clean family acts or that family of dancers from somewhere in the Southwest who come back each year to exploit their own children. We don’t like male pole dancers who show off their crotches while wearing high heels. But we do like men who rock the costumes (we loved Prince Poppycock a few years back.) We also do not like breathy female singers and we’re getting tired of male opera singers with sad stories about how their families hate them. So on with the show.

9. There are no Vampires on the show because we’d obviously win. We never want to give an unfair advantage.

My husband Teddy hates the show but he’ll watch it with us just to tell us that it sucks. Then he gets sucked in. But in the meantime he fixes cocktails.

So that is it in a nutcase, I mean nut shell.

It is fun, despite my snarky descriptions. It makes us happy when we can all pile up on the couch together and just have fun together.

All of that said LAST NIGHT – the FIRST night for this season of AGT was exceptionally FUN. There were so many super good acts. And there was a singer with a good story. He was the last. He was 18. He was good. He was there with his mom. He’d been a foster kid and his parents had adopted him and his sister. How cool is that!!!! Also shown were several fun comedians, a pair of exceptionally lovely female (very hip and stylish gals) opera singers, ballet dancers, acrobats and all sorts of fun. Unusual stuff too like the 91 year old strong man who pulled a car full of people (including his lady friend) with his teeth. Yes, he pulled it with his teeth. He was so cute.

It looks like it will be a fun summer for AGT.

Oh right, cocktails.

Teddy’s Skinny Summer Blast

Fill a highball glass with ice. Fill it 1/4 full with gin, 1/4 full with sugar free strawberry lemonade and fill it to the top with diet tonic water.

So whatever you do in this hot weather have fun, don’t start any fires and remember your hats and sunscreen!


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman





5 thoughts on “ATG and Cocktails is Back. Summer has officially started!

    • It is the only talent show we watch too! Good old fashioned fun. I loved the pig this week! I’ll keep posting all summer with comments from my peanut gallery of family and friends.

  1. You know, that’s one of the things that suck while I’m in Europe: ATG is out of reach for me… I can’t watch it here. (Unless with special extra equipment and under great expenses… too bad)


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