All Hallows Eve

On a crisp October night,

Eve, a girl of singular beauty and spirit,

refused as the 5th daughter to marry

a man

not of her choice.

It was a good match,

for someone else,

but not for her.

The thought of living under his roof,

be it in luxury,

made her think that she was

nor more than property

or a child

or something other than herself.

The idea of him touching her

or going dying in childbirth

like her sister

made her ill.

All Hallows Eve

All Hollows Eve


So lovely Eve, the dark eyed girl with the musical laugh, walked out into the night to the old church yard. There she met the nephew of her neighbor, a young man with golden hair and happy blue eyes. He dried her tears with a rose scented handkerchief and told her that her fate was hers.

Eve said she would marry him, because he’d been such a good friend over the years, but he declined. At least he declined then, because he wanted her love, not her gratitude for helping her escape.

She wept in his arms over what would happen when she returned home and an engagement was announced. The wedding was already in the planning to the man her father had chosen.

The nephew of her neighbor, her friend told her, “One day there will be places where women have choices to live their lives as they wish. They’ll own their own bodies and not have to give in to the will of any man or law. They will love and create and explore and think free thoughts without fear.  One day women will not be considered the weaker sex because they are not weak. Women have never been weak. It is the fear in the heart of men that keeps women in servitude. It is their very biology that men fear.”

“How do you know that? It sounds like a fantastic dream of an idiot,” she cried.

“It will take a long long time but I can take you there. We can start now. But that means you must come with me, far far away.”

And so on an October night, as the ghosts swirled around like so much cigar smoke trails, Eve took the cold hand of her mysterious friend and left into the night.

Last night Eve called me with news from the boys. The boys being our two sons Randy (belongs to Eve) and Garrett (my son) who are now at college. Randy told hilarious tales of professors, fellow students, dogs on the beach and girls they’d met. Then he asked his mom to send his orange plaid pants and his purple brocade vest. Randy, the ultimate California surfer dude guy, likes to dress up in funny vintage clothes when he is feeling comfortable – or wants to do some major flirting with girls.

Eve is still with Vince, her neighbor’s nephew. Vampires love long and true, even if their hearts are cold and rarely go pitter patter.

For all of the women and girls in the world, with all my heart and soul, I wish you freedom for your body, your heart and your soul. Let us all say no to the evils that people do to each other in the name of power, tradition and misplaced religion. 

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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