Wanted: Editor

I’m looking for a professional editor.

I’m not looking for a “service” that collects tons of money and promises all sorts of crap. I’m not looking for SPAM either.

I need a good editor for a couple of novel manuscripts.

If you can suggest anyone please leave a message on this post or email me at juliettevampiremom@gmail.com

I prefer someone in the United States who uses standard American English. I’m in California so it just makes it easier.




10 thoughts on “Wanted: Editor

  1. Alison Williams alisonwilliamswriting.wordpress.com
    She’s British but fine for American English. She’s working on my second book and already I’m extremely impressed. She’s provided the best beta read/ developmental edit I’d had from someone.

    If you want another comparison you should check out Harmony Kent . She’s an author but provides a full editing service. Again, UK based but will be fine. http://www.harmonykent.co.uk/?page_id=43

    It’s worth checking out Rosie Amber’s wordpress blog. She lists lots of services – http://rosieamber.wordpress.com/resources-for-writers-editing-publishing-and-more/

    Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Dear Juliette, I can highly recommend Shawn MacKenzie. She is editing a children’s book we are writing together. She is the writer for Editor’s Corner that I post on “the secret keeper” and she is a published author. She is quite brilliant in editing other’s writing. She doesn’t change your content, just helps clarify and tidy up your voice while keeping the voice intact. You can reach her at . She has reasonable rates. I think you will be very impressed and satisfied with her work. Jennifer

  3. Juliette, Jennifer told me you’re looking for an editor. A tricky thing, to find the right fit, and to that end I always do a trial 1000 words gratis to give clients a sense of my editing style, etc. My rates are reasonable, and my work diligent. I can, with due modesty, clean up and tighten most any manuscript while always honoring the author’s voice and intent. You can reach me at saki11@comcast.net. Best. Shawn


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