Burning Question #15: Dinosaur Daze

Tiny tots of either sex
Adore Tyrannosaurus Rex
Indeed, all little ones adore
Any savage carnivore
Of which, O Rex, though rightly boastest
Thou art not only first, but mostest.

~ Ogden Nash


On Valentine’s Day 2001 I spent one the most romantic days of my entire life with my husband at a Russian Dinosaur Exhibition in Old Sacramento. The babies were in daycare so it was, just us, holding hands, and walking through avenues of the most amazing wondrous and strange collection of bones we’d ever seen. They were millions and millions of years old, from a time on Earth we can barely imagine. On a weekday afternoon not many others were there. It our own romantic get-a-way. Damn, it was seriously romantic. We might be Vampires but that doesn’t mean the only thing we do in our spare time is frighten the crap out of people, or drain the blood out of everyone we know. Vampires know how to do romance, yes indeed we do. Anyway, back to dinosaurs…


Every kid loves dinosaurs. I don’t know an adult who doesn’t love dinosaurs. We love Jurassic Park. We love Sue at the Field Museum in Chicago. We love Barney… ok we don’t all love Barney, but you get the point. When my daughter was a tiny tot her favorite stuffed animal was flying dinosaur that she called Terridackel. How cute is that. And yes, she still has Terridackel.

So what happened to these amazing huge beasts who once walked our planet before us?

Many scientists believe that the dinosaurs were wiped out by a massive asteroid that collided with Earth 65 million years ago, devastating the planet and wiping out 99% of all species. I think it was supposed to be where the Gulf of Mexico is right now but don’t quote me on it. And no, I doubt if anyone was in New Orleans or Key West at the time drinking Hurricanes (see recipe below) and watching it all. That said, evidence has been found to challenge the giant asteroid theory. Some Paleontologists claim to have unearthed dinosaur fossils in layers of soil that were formed around 66 million years ago, after the supposed meteor strike. Sounds good to me, but then again what do I know? I know that this is a BURNING QUESTION.

Burning Question #15: Were dinosaurs were wiped out by a massive asteroid or was it something else?


Now that you’ve had major brain drain over dinosaurs and their fate it is cocktail time.


  • 1 part dark rum
  • 1 part light rum
  • 1/2 part lime juice
  • 1 part passion fruit or pineapple juice or nector
  • Garnish with whatever fruit you like (no olives or cocktail onions – use FRUIT)
  • Serve over loads of ice.

Yes, I posted it this way so you could make as much or as little Hurricane magic as you like depending on when you want to fall down on the floor. And remember – don’t drink and drive, or drink and use chainsaws. 

Thank you for stopping by for Burning Question #15. We have 35 Burning Questions to go. I’ll see you next Saturday for #16.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman and Dinosaur Expert.

Hey look, I’ve got feathers! How cool is that?




  1. You just had to include the possum choice so that I couldn’t pick an intelligent answer! The possums, of course, survived the asteroid by playing dead until all of the dust settled…

    1. Possums eat eggs so of course it is an intelligent answer. And yes, they did survive. I bet they’re out in the woods every night singing along to Gloria Gaynor.

  2. They clearly didn’t listen to their elders and betters. If they had done, and had gone to church like they should have done, and done all the proper sacrifices at the correct times, then they’d have lived. Simple. 😉

    1. Absolutely. I’ve always suspected that was the reason. The problem with churches is that even the largest cathedrals don’t have doors large enough to let in a T-Rex or a 70 ton Patagotitan mayorum.

  3. You know, in fact, I’m kind of relieved they’re gone. I’m not sure what I’d do if they’d still run around out there somewhere. Can you imagine? I think we’re already punished enough, with monster gorillas, over dimensional lizards, ants, mosquitos and traffic lights.

    1. Good points. Oh wow, I’m trying to imagine great big dinosaurs roaming around and… it would be a different world. I was hiking once in Glacier National Park and came across fresh Grizzly Bear tracks. Black bears – no problem. Grizzly Bears – big problem. Last week I was stung by a yellow jacket. That is enough nasty monster activity for me. Forget Werewolves and Zombies – they don’t have anything on yellow jackets.

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