Wishing you all

A Thankful Day

With warm beating hearts

Cool clear minds

Of friends and family

And peace in your souls.


In the quiet of the night I think of what I am thankful for this year. The list is too long to write down. It hasn’t always been that way – or so it seemed. But what you see isn’t always with your eyes. What you see isn’t even always with your heart. It is clarity of seeing the big picture and coming to peace and being thankful and letting go and letting in.

Holy crap… excuse me…

A ghost was staring at me through the window. It was a pale shadow of a large unfortunate bird. Standing next to it was the ghost of a man with dark shaggy hair and a black suit with a skinny tie. He silently mouthed the words “Be thankful Vampire.” Then he took the gruesome form of his own death then smiled then vanished. Oh please spare me the dramatics. I know you’re a ghost. Get over trying to haunt me. It isn’t going to work.

I hate it when he does that. On the other hand, he usually flips me off so I have to be thankful for that.

I AM Thankful,

For each and one of everyone of you

who visits my blog.

I’m thankful for all of you who write

to make me think and laugh and ponder.

I’m thankful for everyone who creates the art I look forward to each day.

I’m thankful for so much,

even sometimes… for a ghost

of the past, present or future.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Vampire Thanksgiving

Spice and caramel scented candles

Fresh flowers

A nice bit of Bourbon


Zinfandel and Cabernet

Roasted hazelnuts and cashews

Strong cheese

A turkey in the smoker outside

Mixed blood of musicians and free thinkers

Pumpkin and butternut squash soup

Swiss chard with bacon

An caramelized onion tart with a ground walnut crust

Tart apples and pomegranates.

And a table set with old silver and old friends.


Our feast will be simple this year but the main courses will be good conversation and the joy of being together for no reason other than to enjoy each the company of those we love. Be it two or twenty – the goal is the same.

As a rule we don’t have our guests for dinner. It isn’t the way of our Vampire culture, so feel free to drop by (it will be safe.)

Garrett is bringing a few friends home from college to join us – a brother and sister who grew up in boarding schools and have no family near.  Of course all of my brothers, my parents, and quite a few friends are coming. There will be many stories to tell and many more to hear.

I’ll try to cover the entire holiday season starting right now. So more to come… there will be a few glitches but you know how it is being a busy Vampire mom.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

lights candles