Posts for the Pandemic

As we continue our journey at home together I’ll update this page with new thoughts and stories.

Stay safe, wash your hands, check in on those who need extra help, hug your kids if they’re at home, keep in touch with friends and family, be creative.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

At Home and Social Distancing

As We Shelter In Place

Lockdown Update

The First Apocalypse, The Truth About Aliens, Missing Links, and Real Pandora’s Box, as Told by A Ghost

Part 1: Vampire Hunters, Staying at Home, Online Learning, Keeping in Touch, and Rolling My Eyes as Usual.

Part 2: Vampire Hunters and Social Distancing


Permission to Mourn


Dear Social Media Friends

The Good, The Bad, and The Really Bad: Staying Home, Parenting, and Too Much TV.

Write that novel while you’re staying at home. Easy fool proof instructions.

A Whisper In The Night

Staying in with the Ghost

Hunkering Down Dance Party

A Lunch Date With Zombies

Zombie Days

Yoga, Hummingbirds, and Lizards – Staying At Home

Just Listen

A Vampire Out On The Empty Streets

Caturday Muse and Vampire News

Normal or Whatever


Unsavory Elements

Thoughts on Summer Heat, Schools, and Dog Walks

Lost Love and Pandemic Excuses


Post Apocalyptic Stories and Books

Sam Judge

Radio Waves

Captain Sandy And The Airship At The End Of The World

Chernobyl Charlie



Juliette’s Book Club: Tales from the Edge of Oblivion

A Lunch Date With Zombies

Zombie Days

Juliette’s Book Club: Goin’ Extinct Too – Apocalypse A Go-Go!

Cool Cats for Hot Summer Reading

Not Going Anywhere

Pandemic Superhero Zoom

Good Bones

Food Supply

Too Hot To Wear Black


Vlad’s Vampire Diary (Pandemic Posts)

Last Call

Social Distancing

Cat Walk

Look It Up

Over Two Hundred Short Stories and Tangled Tales to Read While You Are Hunkering Down

Juliette Vampire Maman

Now Available on Amazon from WPaD



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