The Very Old

Taking Care of Our Elders (Tellias and Eleora)

I’m a mom so I take care of my children. Like many others (and I know more than one of my readers) I also have seniors in my life who need my help. Even Vampires can be among the “sandwich” generation.

Over the years I’ve been writing about the ancient Vampires Tellias and Eleora. They look young, but they’ve been around for centuries. Sometimes they need a little extra help.

Our elder folks are our treasures. We should all love and take care of those we have, both family and elderly friends who often have no family near. You’re never too old for love, or friends or living life.

Below are links to posts about taking care of, and loving the elders in my life. Sometimes it is magical, sometimes it is rewarding, sometimes it is frustrating, sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is a learning experience, sometimes it just is what it is. Maybe you can relate.

We’re Vampires but we aren’t all that different from your family and friends.

  1. Taking Care of Our Elders – Vampire Style
  2. Frogs, Love and Hell
  3. Why Vampires Wear Yellow Flip Flops
  4. The Very Old and Fragile – Love Life and Ashes
  5. Personal Hygiene, Vampire Hunters and Real Friends…and don’t forget the Marx Brothers
  6. A Place Between the Night and the Day
  7. Chalk It Up
  8. Love her for who she is, not for what you want her to be
  9. Delivered to your door
  10. Random Ramblings
  11. Silver Webs and Silken Bats
  12. Accidental Meetings
  13. Women are Funny
  14. A Narrative of Love Told by Ancient Vampires
  15. A Recipe for Change
  16. In That Hour Before Sunrise
  17. Keeping the Fires Alive in Our Cold Vampire Hearts
  18. Fangs, Text Books, Ancient Vampires, and Thoughts on High School
  19. Damned Warlocks – Summer, Love, Dr. Who and Ancient Vampires
  20. Tag Hash
  21. Out in the Orchard
  22. A Story with Demons and Ancient Vampires and Latin and Love
  23. An Afternoon with An Ancient Vampire (and Werewolves)
  24. Random Visits and Musings
  25. Suspicion and Ancient Vampires
  26. Pi Day, Pie, and the Ides of March…and Vampires
  27. Random Ramblings on Romance
  28. Fear and The Creative Soul
  29. Lost and Found, and Just Shut Up and Dance
  30. It All Means Something
  31. An Outing with Ancient Vampires and Art
  32. Flying High
  33. Love in the Dark and the Light That Always Shines
  34. Halloween with an Ancient Vampire (and Werewolves)
  35. Baggage (and Ancient Vampires)
  36. Losing Your Happy
  37. Musings on a Visit With Ancient Vampires and Longfellow
  38. Dancing in the Shadows
  39. Normal Life – Even When You Know Where the Bodies are Buried
  40. Standing on the Edge of the Earth
  41. Clipped Coupons and Clipped Hearts
  42. Don’t Forget
  43. Delivered to Your Door
  44. Cockroaches of the Space Time Continuum
  45. House of the Spirits – Casa de los espiritus
  46. An Alternative Universe of Memories
  47. Under the Stars in the Beauty of Everything
  48. A Late Night Walk Along the Highway
  49. A Christmas Concert
  50. Knock Knock Knocking Upon My Door
  51. Cleopatra
  52. Charged Technology and The Ancient Folks We Love

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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