A Narrative of Love Told by Ancient Vampires

Eleora: Things were different back then. Nobody cared if you were a creature of a different kind. Nobody cared if you had magic in you. Then the Romans came and after them the Church folk so we all got sort of quiet about ourselves. I’m not talking the Victorian ideas of peaceful groups of lovely Druids and Pagans dancing around Maypoles and Solstice bonfires with naked young ladies and long haired men with six pack abs and no body odor or under arm hair. No, not that AT ALL. They were not peaceful and they were not pretty and they were not different.

I’m talking about the very real community of Warlocks, Vampires, Werewolves and Selkies. There were Fairies too but we tended to stay away from them and the Ghosts. Especially the ghosts and other spirits with no bodies to keep them grounded.

Tellias: One Warlock. We were friends with one Warlock.

Eleora: Whatever. You were Roman, you didn’t understand.

Tellias: Yes I did understand. You weren’t the only Vampire.

Eleora: My man had gone away for a while and left me in the protection of a Warlock and a Selkie.

Tellias: Wait, are you telling them about the time I had to go back to Rome?

Eleora: Yes I am.

Tellias: I never told the Selkie to protect you. I told him to stay away.

Eleora: Do you want to tell the story?

Tellias: Go on.

Eleora: The Romans had called him back. Sillies thought he was magical. I was alone, all alone. A year passed and I had no word of my love.

Tellias: That was me.

Eleora: Not a word. One night I was down at the beach wondering if he’d ever come back when from out of the darkness came a man. His hair was wet. His skin was moist with the salt water. He was beautiful and naked except for a seal skin over his shoulder. When he smiled at me it made my knees go weak. He was the Selkie, a man on land, a seal in the ocean. Like me, he was a creature of two worlds. I knew who he was. He’d called me dead girl before and tried to seduce me.

That night he came close. I could feel his body heat he stood so close. He told me what he could do to ease my lonely heart and warm my cold flesh. He even offered his blood to me in return to a night of my love.

Then there was a flash of light and the Warlock appeared. “Leave her be,” he said.

The Selkie called him names. He said he was less than a man for not taking advantage of me. He called him a woman. Selkies can be bullies and this one was the worst. But no matter, he was beautiful and I was so attracted to his charms.

Over the next few weeks I spent time with the Warlock who was teaching me to read Latin, just in case I received a promised letter from my love.

The Selkie would visit me with his seductive charms but the Warlock would always chase him away.

Two years had passed. I didn’t think my love would return. Not a word. Not a single word. Then one day I decided to go to the cove where the Selkie lived.  He was waiting for me.  After his passion turned to sleep I looked around his dwelling. In a box hidden under a pelt I found a stash of letters. They were in Latin. They were from Tellias.

I found bones of the messengers hidden under a sand drift.

I took the letters to the Warlock who read them all to me. My love was alive. He was coming home. He never forgot me. The Selkie had taken the letters for his own selfish reasons. I was so angry.

Tellias: I didn’t know you slept with the Selkie.

Eleora: Twas a long time ago. Let me finish the story.

Tellias: You never told me.

Eleora: You never told me about that Senators wife in Rome either.

Tellias: That was different.

Eleora: We’ll talk later. So the next night I went to see the Warlock to bring him a bunch of rare herbs as thanks for helping me. He was bloody and torn with bites and slashes. The Selkie had been there.

Tellias: When I arrived home nobody was there to greet me, but there was the smell of meat from the fire. A stew was brewing and a chunk of meat was on the spit. A seal skin lay stretched out and scraped of flesh.

Eleora: We nursed the Warlock back to help.

Tellias: Had to take drastic measures.

Eleora: Not that drastic.

Tellias: I think not.

Eleora: If we hadn’t turned him into a Vampire he would have died.

Tellias: We still have the seal teeth. The Warlock is still our friend.

Eleora: To this very day we’re still friends. I always knew you’d come back.

Tellias: I know.

Eleora: You’ve always been the only one.

Tellias: You too my love. You too.

True love keeps you young forever!

True love keeps you young forever!

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6 thoughts on “A Narrative of Love Told by Ancient Vampires

  1. This was quite interesting, Juliette… very kind – very old fashioned – and still: so young and enthusiastic… is one ever too old to lose enthusiasm?


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