Short Stories aka Tangled Tales

Short Stories from Vampire Maman

A good portion of the posts on read like short stories, but the list here is of stand alone stories that don’t necessarily follow the tales of Juliette’s life with her husband, kids and assorted Vampire Mom adventures.

Expect the unexpected … and a lot of fun! Click on the title to go to the story.

You’ll find over one hundred parenting, Gothic romance, horror, humor, urban fantasy, literary fiction, and other of unexpected tangled tales. This isn’t the complete list but it will keep you busy for a while. Keep checking back for more.

* Guest authors  

  1. Dancing on the Beach
  2. Morning in the Vineyard
  3. When You Grow Old
  4. A Man Should Have What He Wants
  5. Ode to a Greek God
  6. The Alley
  7. Off to See the Wizard
  8. Baker Beach
  9. The Necklace (My Christmas Necklace)
  10. The Travelers
  11. Captain Sandy and the Airship at the End of the World
  12. Perfection
  13. The Shadow of Fire
  14. Robert and the Key *
  15. Dark Politics
  16. Romance of the Needles
  17. Heart Shaped Box*
  18. Stumped
  19. The Child
  20. Night at the Crest
  21. Dawn of the Undead
  22. Sunday School
  23. The Time Travelers
  24. I’ll Return to You
  25. Star Crossed Wars
  26. My Vampire Lover
  27. No End in Sight
  28. Tell Tail Heart
  29. The Hunter
  30. The Bully
  31. Slut
  32. I’ll Take Care of You
  33. Cold
  34. Prisoner of Love
  35. Christmas Orphans (a random short tale)
  36. The List
  37. A Head of the Game
  38. The Box in Dave’s Basement
  39. Tall Tales
  40. Fallen
  41. Back into the Past
  42. Pixie Dust
  43. Welcome to Hell (a bit of Science Fiction)
  44. Male Bonding (A Vampire Story)
  45. Everything Will Be Alright
  46. Magnolia
  47. Saturday Afternoon
  48. Prisoner of Love
  49. Almost Perfect in Every Way
  50. Up or Down
  51. Uncle Jerry’s Time Machine
  52. That Which Remains
  53. First Sight
  54. Springtime
  55. The Changeling
  56. The Rally
  57. Yes, it is complicated, almost as much as A Unicorn, A Squirrel, and A Possum Go Into a Bar
  58. Earthquake
  59. Coffee and a Crypt
  60. Nowhere in Time
  61. A Werewolf’s Train to Nowhere
  62. Curse of Bloke Island
  63. Dead or Alive (a Vampire Romance)
  64. Conversion
  65. You Gotta Believe
  66. A Ray of Hope
  67. True Friends
  68. Stranger No More
  69. The Time Travelers
  70. A Change of Heart
  71. Captured Bride
  72. Rare Peace
  73. Finally Home
  74. A Drive with Marilyn
  75. Cold Hands, Warm Heart
  76. Sunday Morning Coffee
  77. Giving Blood
  78. 2020
  79. One of Those Days
  80. A Mysterious Stranger on a Hot Dry Day
  81. A Mystery
  82. Charade*
  83. Checkmate*
  84. Sunset and Ginger Ale*
  85. Under the Stars
  86. For the Kids
  87. Indecision
  88. We will be happy
  89. Blow Up
  90. Community
  91. Desert Sky
  92. Dog Park
  93. Fairies
  94. Don’t Fall Apart On Me Baby
  95. Dawn of the Undead
  96. You Gotta Believe
  97. The List
  98. Hollow Heads
  99. Springtime
  100. Earthquake
  101. Mail Order House
  102. Krampus Clause
  103. Heal Thyself
  104. Fall Garden
  105. Lucky Me
  106. Gasoline and Tiger Maple (don’t mix)
  107. Warlock Woods
  108. Sunday Coffee
  109. College Daze
  110. Why I hate Valentine’s Day
  111. Mail Order House
  112. Boys Will Be Boys
  113. Mother’s Day
  114. No Weapon At All
  115. Cold
  116. Writing on the Wall
  117. Night Dogs
  118. Lizbit
  119. Smoke
  120. Dream a Little Dream
  121. Mere Mortal
  122. A Better Place
  123. For the Kids
  124. No Little Women
  125. Off to See the Wizard
  126. House by the Ocean
  127. Art
  128. Night Dogs
  129. Friends  Forever
  130. Green Man



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