Short Story Sunday: We All Have Our Demons

Isabella watched in wonder as Claudia dropped no less than fourteen pieces of sterling silver flatware into her loosely folded umbrella.

Constance Richards always gave the most wonderful dinner parties. Tonight the sterling silver pattern she used was Versailles. It was a pattern based on mythology with at least a dozen figural motifs. Claudia didn’t need the silver. She thought it was pretty, but it wasn’t in her taste. She didn’t need the money because she was far wealthier than Constance.

Claudia considered it payment due to her from Constance. There was always payment of some sort when Claudia saw Constance. Today it was silver. A few weeks ago it was Constance’s house keys. The time before that Claudia took the gold handled razor that Constance had given her husband Wesley for his birthday. Wesley loved that razor. 

Wesley also loved Constance more than anything in the universe. Unfortunately, Claudia also loved Wesley, despite the fact that she had a lovely wealthy and charming husband named Ben. 

A week after Claudia and Ben became engaged, they invited a group of friends to join them at Ben’s large house on the coast.  One morning, while everyone else had gone to the beach for a picnic, Wesley had  walked in on Claudia. She stood in the afternoon light wearing nothing but a green ribbon in her hair. As Wesley apologized and attempted to leave, Claudia took his hands, and ran them down the length of her body. He paused just for a second, but it was enough time to let Claudia know he had thought about engaging in maybe an hour of time enjoying what she had to offer. 

Of course, she’d planned this, because for ages she had been in love with Wesley. Unfortunately, Wesley had married Constance. 

For years Isabella had watched as Wesley endured advances from his best friend’s wife. She’d watched as Constance remained ignorant of the affair going on in Claudia’s head.

At what length would Claudia go? Would it stop at silver, and other small valuable items. What would happen if Constance got a kitten or a puppy. What about a baby? The idea of a baby intrigued Isabella. Oh yes, she could imagine Claudia twisting the affections of a child and trying to steal away it’s heart from Constance.

Isabella rolled her shoulders and stretched her arms above her heard. It had been a long day. As she unfastened her corset and let it drop to the floor, she unfolded her leathery wings. Damn that felt good. Her forked tail whipped around as she shed the rest of her clothing. 

She smiled as she heard a quiet knock on the door. 

“Come in,” she said, because she knew who was on the other side, waiting with wonder and forbidden longing.

A handsome man in evening clothes came through the door. He smiled, then approached Isabella, kissing her as she freed him of his clothes.

As he kissed her neck she whispered, “Wesley, I am all yours.”

“Yes, we all have our Demons, and you are mine Isabella,” he said. “You are all mine.”

Tangled Tales

~ end

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman
April 2, 2023

Another story written on a Sunday morning over a half a cup of now cold coffee.


    1. Aww thank you. I wrote this quickly over a half cup of coffee early this morning. Maybe I’ll add to it in the future. It was fun to write. Thank you for dropping by- as always.

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