Short Story Sunday: A Head of The Game


I was so out of it today and off schedule that I forgot it is SHORT STORY SUNDAY.

So here we go…

A Head of The Game

Sixteen year old Quentin opened up his skate bag to find the smell worse than usual. It wasn’t his stinky skates or old socks his mom was nagging him to wash. It was a human head staring up at him with milky brown eyes.

He stood horrified. His skate partner Gracie looked at the bag and let out a small animal like noise and then looked a little closer.

This wasn’t what two sixteen year olds in an old somewhat unpopular sport were expecting for their Friday afternoon practice.

During the week, at school, they were funny and trendy and smart and goofy teenagers. At the skate rink they were elegant, gliding around the floor on their roller skates. Not blades but 8 wheels. They were the best. Regional champions. But it was all about fun. They’d never go to the Olympics in their sport. They didn’t care.

But now that was far from their minds. They stood staring at Quentin’s skate bag. No skates. Just a head surrounded by dirty socks.

All Gracie could think of was Quentin’s dad telling him “you need to practice harder to get a head.”

Gracie’s mom ushered the kids away as Coach Maggie called 911. Organ music played in the background to a tango beat. Moon River.

Gracie kept thinking about the moon. Then she got up and took another look at the head. Going back to her mom she whispered, “Hey Mom, I know who it is.”

Her mother looked her in the eye without a word.








“Mom… what are you writing? That is so bad. Really?”

We’re at the skate rink, back in the real world of Juliette and Clara. The child just changed from her dance skates to her figure skates.

“Mom you need to be writing on your book. You need to finish it up so you can make millions of dollars…”

“This is Short Story Sunday,” I tell my child. But I couldn’t come up with an ending of my story. Then again, five minutes of writing at the skate rink during practice has got me against a creative wall. I’ll let you know when I figure out who that head belongs to.

In the meantime, I have to tell you that I do love this sport.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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    • The oldest skater in our club is 78 and he skates beautifully! In fact he is still placing and winning in adult skate competitions.

      But if you aren’t comfortable with wheels under your feet I understand. Breaking a leg or anything else is never fun.

  1. OK, reading this was a somewhat heady experience…., now moving ahead, can you give us a hint about what direction this may be heading, or will it be heading to a dead end, J ? Happy New Year !!

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