New Games and Other Random Thoughts

We’re still in the throes of the holiday season and my kids are still excited.  Don’t take offense to what I say – but sometimes living with my teenage daughter is like living with Robin Williams. She is FUNNY and she NEVER stops. I’ve been saying that since she was a toddler. It is constant in my face. Around most people she is lovely, well spoken and extremely polite. Around me… that is another story. I have to admit we feed off of each other in the humor department. At least once a day we laugh so hard I almost lose my breath completely.

Yesterday she told me about a couple of favorite high school games.

Get Down Mr. President

One group is designated to be the president. Someone yells “Get Down Mr. President.” The “President” gets down on the ground while everyone else acts like they are protecting him/her. And yes, they do this in school hallways and other public spaces. I told her it was in poor taste. Of course I had to laugh.

3 2 1 Infomercial

Someone yells (in public of course) “THREE TWO ONE Infomercial,” then everyone involved has to act super excited about whatever they are doing. Think about it.

Laugh About Mom

This is a game my family plays. I don’t participate and usually tell them to shut the F up. Yes, my lovely loving family can be… well, loud and slightly annoying. I know by reading my blog you might think we’re all perfect. We are almost there… almost.



All I have right now is snippets of thoughts. I fell off a chair on Christmas Day. Yes, I was standing on it reaching for a Champagne glass on a top shelf. I fell on my back and now I feel as if I’ve been hit by a truck. Please, do not follow my example.

After over three years, and over 1,000 posts I’m not sure where I’m going with this blog. The creative process is an odd thing indeed, as is my life. Things seems to move along with sort of a pattern, but with a lot of random… a lot of random everything.

I look out the window and can see The Ghost outside on my deck in the frozen morning air pounding out something on an old manual typewriter. He looked up at me with a snarky glare then vanished.

It is too dark and too cold and too early for any of the smaller woodland creatures to be showing themselves. It has been weeks since I’ve heard any coyotes or seen deer. They’re out there. I haven’t seen a raccoon in 6 months at least.

Today will bring a trip to the mountains (up to Tahoe) and maybe an adventure to share.

In the meantime your assignment for today is to laugh. And be random. Or maybe write some poetry, or paint a picture or take a walk in the cold winter woods holding the hand of someone you love.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

5 thoughts on “New Games and Other Random Thoughts

  1. …”write some poetry, or paint a picture or take a walk in the cold winter woods holding the hand of someone you love”
    Does 3 out of 4 count for anything, J, ??? 🙂

  2. I love your writing, Juliette – I love to hear about your family, I love to hear about Nigel – I love to read your Sunday Short Stories. You are a great writer. (And of course I love to hear about your brothers. *wink*)
    Just go on with the blog and you will see where it takes you! 🙂 Happy New Year!!


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