Short Story Sunday: No Weapon At All

Locking in on the eyes of the Vampire Hunter she decided for a different strategy. Rather than sending them images of horror, pain, and endless nightmares, tonight would be different.

She slowly backed up and reached into the box behind her. Pulling out the contents, she could see a reaction from her would-be captors. At first it was shock, then delight, the resignation that they could not possibly hurt her.

There were four of them, all experienced Vampire Hunters. That night she’d been alone and taken off guard. Mehitabel was an experienced member of the Vampire Elite Forces, but she’d been off tonight. A short lace dress and heels wasn’t her usual fighting garb. She didn’t even have any serous weapons with her. Then again, she had the ultimate weapon.

As the Vampire Hunters approached all wide-eyed and in wonder, she spoke to them in a soft voice. “Don’t come closer. You need to turn back. Go home. Have dreams of what you’ve seen tonight. Realize that we are not so different. Not so different at all.”

“Please…” started one of the Vampire Hunters.

“No,” said Mehitabel, “do not come close. Go to the shelter tomorrow and get your own. They need you more than you need to capture or kill me.”

She watched them turn and go away, then kissed the tiny gray and white tabby kitten in her arms. Sometimes the best weapon is no weapon at all.


~ end

Tangled Tales


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


6 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: No Weapon At All

  1. I love the concept of this story – I have two shelter rescue cats myself, but I worry that real-world, bigoted vampire hunters would be worried the vampire is gonna hurt (feed on) the kitten and attack in their ignorance. I’m so glad this story came out positive for all.

    • My two cats are shelter/rescue cats too. They have so much personality and make us laugh every single day. My 12-year old calico was a day away from death when I brought my daughter in for her 6th birthday to pick out a cat. My child is now 17, and I can’t imagine the two of them not together. All of my Vampires have shelter animals – both dogs and cats. I even donated a car to the SPCA this year. I can’t imagine a Vampire hurting an animal. I can’t imagine anyone hurting an animal. Thank you for stopping by and reading my stories. But even more, thank you for adopting your cats. xoxoxox


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