Short Story Sunday: Fear

The warm body next to James in the large unfamiliar bed smelled like cinnamon and pachouli. He tried to roll over to put his arm around her when he realized his hands were handcuffed to the bed posts.

She rolled over and smiled a lovely smile at him, while her eyes turned from yellow to blue.

“Good morning James,” she whispered. “What a wonderfully cold man you are, in so many ways.”

In any other situation James would have made a joke that he was cold because he is a Vampire, but this morning he wasn’t in the mood for humor. Ignoring his own good judgement last night, and listening to his over active libido James had gone home with a Witch.

The evening had started out pretty normal, for a pre-Halloween Saturday night. He’d gone to a party. Everyone was dressed in costumes. He’d dressed as Johnny Cash. Why he didn’t know, but it just seemed fun at the time. There he’d met a woman who was dressed as the most amazing Witch. She wasn’t ugly, or scary. She was seductive without showing off the cliche low cut dress or anything openly slutty. They talked. They laughed. He was charmed.

Her name was Judy. How dangerous could a woman named Judy be?

Of course he knew better than to go home with a Witch. On the other hand she should have known better than to take a Vampire home.

The details of the night, and oh what a night, in Judy’s bed came back into his head. Then everything in his memories of the night faded to gray and then a blank.

“Judy,” he said. “Please my darling unlock these cuffs.”

“No, I need you.”

“Obviously. I get that response from most women.”

“You were spectacular last night James, but now I need you for something else?”

“You need jars opened, or help moving a couch?” James asked more as a joke, trying to get his head clear.

“I need you for a spell.”

“What the crap Judy?”

“Fear of a Vampire. I need the essence of your fear.”

“For what?”

“Political stuff. Not everyone has mailed in their ballots yet.”

“That is just evil and so wrong.”

“Odd,” said Judy, “coming from a Vampire.”

“Vampires don’t fix elections.”

“Vampires don’t have the complex feelings to care about what happens to our society.”

“Wait a minute,” said James. “Don’t insult me. We care. We’re just…”

“Oh shut up. You have a reputation James. I knew that a simple giggle and come hither would get you into my home. Thank goodness you’re good looking and have skills.”

James pulled at the cuffs. Had Judy been a regular woman with regular cuffs he could have broken them. Unfortunately Judy was a Witch and the cuffs had a spell on them he couldn’t break.

Judy slipped out of bed, slipped into a robe, then came back with a large dagger. She put the tip of the dagger James’s chest.

“You bluff,” he said. “You wouldn’t cut my heart out.”

“No I wouldn’t but look at the crystal ball on the night stand,” Judy said with the sweetest inflections of joy in her voice.

In the crystal ball James saw his sister lashed to a bed that was about to be set on fire. Fire killed not only humans, but it was deadly to Vampires as well.

“This must be a joke,” he said.

“I did my research James,” said Judy. “I found out where your lovely sister lives. Like I said, I target you. I did my research. I also know that you have a pet unicorn. I’ll kill that too if I have to.”

“No,” gasped James.

Judy could see the cold sweat form on his forehead. She grabbed a vial from the drawer in her nightstand and gathered the sweat. Then she unlocked the cuffs.

“Thank you James. You’re free to go, unless I got you excited and you want another roll with me,” she said kissing him on the mouth. He pushed her away and gave a low growl showing his fangs.

“You’re evil Judy. Pure evil.”

“Whatever,” she said.

James pulled on his clothes and left Judy’s house. He looked up at the bedroom window where she looked down on him with a smile. He smiled back with a flash of fangs.

She’d tried to scare James, but she should have known it is oh so difficult to put fear into the heart of a Vampire. What she’d taken was his deceit when he pretended to be afraid. She had nothing. Her spell wouldn’t work with plain salty sweat mixed with a hint of pumpkin spice left over from the Halloween Irish Coffee he’d had at the party. Not only would her spell not work but Judy would become a joke among the local Witch community. Bravo James. Bravo.

James walked home, humming “Ring of Fire,” and feeling quite nice, cozy, and cold.

~ end

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