The Writer

He thought he’d write

About dragons

And maybe a knight.

Then he thought of

A night to remember

But that was

Used for every Titanic story.

Of course dinosaurs were

A lot like dragons,

But he liked to write

About lavish costumes

Top hats and canes,

Love letters,

And late night meetings

With candle light

Illuminating soft stolen kisses.

Modern or Victorian?

Did cavemen kiss cavewomen?

Was romance a modern thing

Or was it something that came

Into being with the ancient

Barely upright humanoids?

Were Sasquatch males looking with shy glances at

Their females with swinging arms,

Causing squishy feelings of amorous alarm?

He could write a mystery

About a lost book

With a map or a spell

Or a secret.

Maybe something about

An adventure

Starting high on a mountain

With climbers running out

Of oxygen

Then end it on the beach

With gin and tonics

Containing extra twists of lime

And lovers toes in the sand.

Maybe he’d just sleep on it.

Or maybe…he’d just fix more coffee

Then stay up and write.

That is exactly what the cat recommended.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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