Short Story Sunday: A Mystery

Through the window the trees started to appear in the first light of the day.

“You’ve been writing for days on end without sleep. You need to rest.”

Charlotte looked up at the old man. He’d been her faithful servant for the past fifty years. Yet, she still looked no more than twenty-five.

She smiled and put her hand lightly on his arm. “Dear Jones I am fine. Is Alex still here?”

Jones looked surprised. “Of course. I believe he might still be asleep.”

She neglected him for her attempt in figuring out the mysterious events of three nights ago.

It was the night of the Summer Ball. She’d come in a turquoise blue gown. All eyes were on her. But then she was him standing across the room. He walked to her then reached out his hand to her. His cold hand melted her heart. They danced all night then together found blood.

They laughed at how the silly couple they’d fed on didn’t even know what had happened. Oh how people at parties think it is the alcohol and never even guess it was an encounter with a Vampire.

Later they sat close together, under the stars, talking of everything one could imagine. He came home with her.

She woke in the middle of the day, her heart pounding, her blood temperature rising, her breath short and a sense of panic.

Alex lay still as death and just as cold with a sweet smile on his sleeping face. As she gazed upon his beautiful peaceful face she feared for his safety.

Getting out of bed she grabbed her robe and looked around the house for intruders. A cold flush came over her. Was it ghosts? Were there intruders? Had Vampire Hunters finally been sent after them?

Grabbing up her dress, that was by the front door where she’d dropped it in the heat of passion the night before, she noticed a small stain on the front. It was blood. Was she getting sloppy? Was there something she forgot the night before?

Now she sat in her library, trying to figure it all out. What were these vibrations, these premonitions, these signs leading to?

She looked back up at James. “I can’t figure out what is going on. Why do I feel this sense of mystery and…. I don’t know what…there is nothing in the texts for this?”

James laughed out loud and James rarely laughed in the presence of Charlotte. He closed all of the books and took the pen out of Charlotte’s cold pale hand.

“For someone who has been around for so long sometimes you amaze me. You’re in love Charlotte.”

She put a hand on her chest and felt a faint low beat of her heart. “But…”

The door cracked open and Alex slipped in. James smiled and left the room.

Charlotte put her head on Alex’s cold heart. He put his arms around her and whispered, “I love you Charlotte. I always have.” And she knew this would only be the beginning of the mystery to come.

Kissed by a Vampire

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman (who wrote this story while at a roller skating meet this morning.)

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