Short Story Sunday: Science Fiction

They peeled off their colorful daytime skins and slinked into their beds only wearing the plain underskins of their species.

“Those are clothes. It isn’t skin.”

“I’m writing Science Fiction from the point of view of an alien.”

Without verbal communication, aside from a a few short words we were unable to translate, they began to mate. Their mouths and genitals clamped together in a furious frantic manner.

“That is gross. What the hell are you writing?”

“It is a scientific study.”

“Do your aliens have hidden cameras or what?”

“I don’t know. I thought of hiding them somewhere in the room.”

“Like in the closet?”


“That is just creepy. Not good creepy but disgusting creepy.”

“Fine. Go write your own story.”

“I think I will.”

~ end

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