The Awakening of Nora

A work of fiction but a powerful story and cautionary tale. Thank you Diana for sharing this beautifully written story.

The Thought Harpy

Elena Arizmendi Mejia and Leonor V. Magnon posing for their organization, La Cruz Blanca, which helped wounded soldiers during the Mexican Revolution. Elena Mejia was the founder.

Copyright © 2015 Diana Garcia. All Rights Reserved.

The apparition wavered in Nora’s bedroom, like some backlit statue leaning against the bedroom wall. She glanced at her clock on the dresser across her bed. The blue digital light gave the room a soft glow. It was two in the morning. The misty form began taking a masculine shape in old western wear with gun belts crisscrossing his chest as he put his hands to his waist and puffed himself up. He was smiling from ear to ear. His teeth were white and straight. Nora thought he looked vaguely familiar, from a faded old photograph in her grandfather’s study that she loved looking at when she was a child. Now, he was standing in…

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