Short Story Sunday: Earthquake

Andrew looked across the club at his friend James talking to a woman. By now James already knew her blood type, her body temperature, her heart rate, and how much she desired him. And that wasn’t from anything she’d said.

In about twenty minutes she would be in a dark corner or back room with James. His fangs would be in her neck. Her warm blood would be in his veins. Then James would leave her with sweet thoughts that would last for about a week. It would be his way of thanking her for her service. Of course she’d never know what happened, or that the man she’d flirted with was a Vampire.

Andy felt warmth next to him then looked over to see a young woman had made her place in the bar stool beside him. The place was hip and trendy enough so it was no surprise she was alone. She ordered an Irish Coffee and glanced over at Andy with a quick smile. He summed her up quickly. She was single, in her mid to late twenties. She had a good job and a good sense of style. Her short brown hair was feminine rather than boyish, with a long strand of bangs that fell in her face. Large brown eyes were under expertly mascaraed eyes. She wore black and olive green clothing with vintage 1950’s jewelry.

He held out a cool hand, “I’m Andy.”

She took his hand, “Bella. Hey, I’ve seen you before. Wait, you’re…”

“Yes, I sing. That is me.” Andy was a well known Opera singer and sometimes made appearances with local bands.

He knew she appreciated that fact that he made no Vampire comments about her name. That would only make her uncomfortable and make him look crass.

“Your friends didn’t show?” Andy asked the question already knowing the answer.

“You could tell? They blew me off for a better offer. Go figure. That’s the last time I’d doing anything with them. They’re not really friends.”

“Why’d you stay.”

“I like the band. Well, that and I didn’t want to go back out in the rain again. Are you going to sing tonight?”

Andy had to smile. “Maybe. I’m not sure.”

They talked for a while about music and local clubs they liked to go to. Glancing around, Andy noticed that James was nowhere to be seen.

He suggested to Bella that they go someplace quiet.

She said, “Call me Bell. Just Bell.”


Later that night Andy lay in his bed with the beautiful Bell sleeping next to him.

They’d spoke of weird things that happened to them, as much as each of them would confess. He had attended and sang a song at his ex-girlfriend’s wedding the weekend before. She had dated a guy who claimed his large dog was really his brother, who just happened to be a werewolf.

After he’d made love to her, and taken a good amount of blood out of her system (unknown to her) he felt almost giddy. He told her that it was like the earth moved for him. She laughed and told him that she was born in San Francisco on October 17, 1989, an hour before the earthquake. He told her that his family home had been destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, but they rebuilt and the family, including him was still there.

An hour later, at 3:30 a.m. he was downstairs making coffee and pondering the young woman in his bed. She never asked him why his skin was so cool. She didn’t give him the usual line about not having sex with guys she just met. She didn’t talk all night about ex-boyfriends, her work, or anything that wasn’t amusing.

As he poured his first cup of coffee Bell came downstairs wearing one of his robes. She looked lovely and everything that might make a male Vampire smile. Come to think of it, she had everything that would make any male smile.

“Want some?” He asked her as he held out a cup.

“Sure, thanks. Do you have any cream or milk?”

“In the refrigerator,” he said then wished he’d taken it out as he saw her eyes go to the bottles of blood in the door.

She looked up at him, holding the carton of half and half in her hand. “Why do you have blood in your…ohhhhh.”

“I can explain,” said Andy.

“Why you’re so cold?”

“It’s winter.”

Bell poured some half and half in her coffee and took a sip, then she smiled at Andy. “My uncle is Dave. You know, Dave of Dave’s Bottle Shop, where all the Vampires get their blood. What year were you born?”


“I knew you were older than me. You were in the 1906 earth quake too weren’t you?”

“I watched our house burn. I watched everything burn. You can’t imagine…”

“Sure I can.”

Andy smiled and pulled her close. He could imagine a lot of things.


~ End


You’ll find a lot of stories about Andy on this blog. Look him up, or check out Morning At the Vineyard, and Dancing on the Beach, and Baker Beach. 






8 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: Earthquake

  1. I like this story! It was a fun & easy read.

    In my vampire novel, I stated Vampire Prudence has no preference as to the gender or race of someone she feeds on. What she doesn’t like is partaking from someone who drinks alcohol or uses narcotics.

    I just realized something. My blood type is O Negative. Is my blood type perfected by vampires?

    • Andy said he prefers A+ but he likes them all.

      I’ll have to say the worst is hot sweaty salty necks in the summer. Yech. I tell my kids to stay away from Stoners but they tell me it is just too easy. LOL.

      Hey, thanks for dropping by. Feel free to leave me a link to your novel or to segments on your blog. I’d love to read some of it.

  2. I felt old just realizing the ’89 earthquake was 26 years ago (I was big on the A’s at the time, so I remember it well). I can’t imagine what it must be like to have to admit the 1906 quake was over a century ago. It must still seem like yesterday…

    • Around here everyone talks like 1906 was yesterday. Seriously. I think the last survivor just passed away in 2015.

      Every time I drive over one of the bridges into the city (Oakland Bay Bridge or Golden Gate) I think about an earthquake. Just a brief thought, but I can’t help it.


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