Short Story Sunday: Interview

Ryan: Are you comfortable there?

Vera: Yes, quite. Just let me know what you need me to do.

Ryan: Just relax and talk. If you’re uncomfortable with anything you don’t have to answer.

Vera: Thanks.

Ryan: Vera, thanks for being here. Where are you originally from?

Vera: Transylvania. It is part of Romania.

Ryan: You don’t have much of an accent. How long have you been here.

Vera: I left a long time ago. Honestly, I hardly ever think about it anymore. 

Ryan: So, you’re not in touch with anyone there anymore?”

Vera: No. They’re either dead or people I don’t want to be around. My life is here now.

Ryan: I understand you were part of a polygamist relationship.

Vera: Yes. There were three of us wives. One man. 

Ryan: How did you end up being in that relationship.

Vera: At the time my father wanted me to be a nun or marry me off to a fabric merchant. I was fairly pretty, and you know, he didn’t want me to run off with some young man. 

Ryan: You’re more than pretty Vera. You’ve beautiful.

Vera: Thanks. Anyway, I met the Count. He was rich and a smooth talker. I’d meet him at night. We’d make love and he’d tell me about life in his castle. I asked my father about the man who loved in the castle and was told to go to the church and pray. The next day my father said I’d be joining the convent. They’d come get me in a week. That night I left with the Count. There were two other women in the castle with him. I knew they had lived in the next town over. 

Ryan: How’d you feel about having other women there?

Vera: It was sort of weird at first but the Count was gone a lot, or just distant and brooding so I liked the company. 

Ryan: Did you ever think of leaving.

Vera: I couldn’t. 

Ryan: Why?

Vera: Addiction. He made sure we were all addicted and relied on him to get our daily fix. 

Ryan: How’d you get out of it.

Vera: He went on a business trip to London and died. He was trying to get another wife or two to bring home. He and the woman were both killed. I think they were. I hope so. After we found out we left. I came to the United States, got an education, make a go of it. I’m happy now.

Ryan: How would you describe your life now?

Vera: My life used to be dark. Now I live about a mile from the beach. I have a boyfriend too.

Ryan: Is your boyfriend like you.

Vera: He is. You know, the Count used to do things like dump a bag with a child in it off and expect us to drain the blood out of the poor kid. One of the women, Mariam, would jump on it, but I just couldn’t. I’d go out and find someone in the woods or on the road to take. The whole predatory thing really bothered me. 

Ryan: What about the woman you didn’t mention.

Vera: Dorena. She didn’t like the whole child in the bag thing either. She moved to Canada. She’s on Toronto. Last I heard Mariam is dead. Vampire Hunters got her a few years after the Count died.

Ryan: So, tell me about your boyfriend.

Vera: Vince is really sweet. He likes to surf. I’m the only woman in his life.

Ryan: What do you do for fun.

Vera: We’ll pack a picnic and go to the beach, or on a hike.

Ryan: What do you pack? Food wise?

Vera: I usually stop by the bottle shop and get some spiced blood, and we’ll have cheese and maybe some veggies, like Swiss Chard to wrap the cheese in. Simple stuff.

Ryan: You eat real food.

Vera: Sure. I can’t eat everything. Sweet stuff makes me sick. You know, anything with sugar or carbs doesn’t agree with me, or people like me.

Ryan: Do you call yourself a Vampire?

Vera: I am a Vampire. It isn’t anything to be shocked about. The plural marriage thing is worse. Anything that makes women unequal or as property or objects is much worse. Being a Vampire is a physical thing. Being a sexist dick is a choice. I had the choice not to be a victim of another sexist dick and I took it.

Ryan: How old are you? Do you mind me asking?

Vera: One hundred and forty two years old. My birthday was in December.

Ryan: Happy Birthday.

Vera: Thanks.

Ryan: Let’s take a break for today. Do you mind coming back later?

Vera: No, not at all. You’ve been sweet. Not enough to eat, but I appreciate it.

~ end

More to come…

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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