Burning Question #657: What is a group of Bigfoots Called?

Groups of different animals have names.

Packs of dogs

Cast of falcons

Murder of crows

Gaggle of geese

Army of frogs

Smack of jellyfish

Family of otters

etc etc etc. Look it up and you can find any animal…almost.But WHAT is a group of Bigfoots/Sasquatches called? Anyone?

Leave your answer and make a comment. This is indeed a BURNING QUESTION!

In the meantime if you see a Bigfoot please respect it’s space. Don’t yell at it. Don’t call it names. Share your beer and treats with it. Take photos.

For more information please click here and here.

And as always… Wear a mask when needed and don’t complain. Get vaccinated. Hug your dogs and cats. Talk to your kids. Talk with your children – even if they’re adults. Listen to them. Share your stories with them. Check in on those who are alone, elderly, or might need extra help. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. And kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later.)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. Perhaps a Yowling of Yeti. or a body of Bigfoots. Maybe a Passel of Sasquatches. Since one might assume that coming across a group of bigfoots could be rather celebritous and noisy thing to behold, a Shivaree of Sasquatches might be appropriate.

  2. Call me ignorant, but I always was under the impression there is only ONE bigfoot…
    I haven’t been really thinking that over, I realize now. It would not explain why generations of human beings discuss bigfoot’s existence, which would mean, that particular bigfoot must be somewhat seven or eight hundred years old, or I misunderstood the biology of procreation. Also, if you don’t mind, at what age is a bigfoot old enough to drink beer?

    1. There are a lot of them out there. Bigfoot watchers claim they have language and call and response over long distances in the woods. They are also said to communicate by knocking on trees. They are also known to have rumbles between groups. This is just what I’ve read and heard. I’ve never seen one, but I’ve written about them. LOL. As for the beer… I guess they start drinking beer as soon as they’re able to steal it from campers or get a fake ID.

  3. A. I truly think it’s only respectable to refer to a group of Bigfoot as a family or tribe….
    B. But based on your response “known to have rumbles between groups” if we were to categorize them as animals such as a pack or herd, then a “rumble of Bigfoot” would be a sight to behold.
    Thank you for this, I was just planning a Bigfoot/ ufo hunting trip and that very question was indeed burning in my mind so I had to google it! Lol stay happy safe and healthy!

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