Short Story Sunday: Discovery

From the very moment of discovery, we realized that this was not any ordinary find. 

The search had been daunting, full of wild goose chases, dead ends, rumors, and logistical issues. 

There were those who questioned our motives. There were those who told us we were taking on too much. There were those who thought we were crazy. Yet, there were so many go gave their support in our mission. 

There in a dark corner we first saw the face. Then two faces. What first attracted us was the jeweled eyes. Next was the unusually beautiful patterns that covered them like a crazy quilt of both bold and muted colors.

The guardian of the enclosure came up to us.

My husband looked at him. “How old do you think they are?” 

“Maybe five or six months,” he said. “Would you like to hold them? We’re trying to place them together if we can.”

Today we adopted two kittens from the local county animal shelter. Our mission was a success.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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