A Fundraiser for Bethalynne – An Amazing Artist and Human

I have been following Bethalynne Bajema and her husband Myke Amend for years. They are both incredibly talented and original artist. But it isn’t just their art that makes them special – it is their love story, their incredible bond, and their perseverance that holds my admiration and awe.

Here is her artwork: http://bajema.com/scriptorium/

This is Myke’s work: https://mykeamend.com/new/shop/

Hello, my name is Bethalynne and I currently suffer from kidney and liver disease and waiting for a double transplant. I’m fundraising to help put some kind of small dent into the medical debt I’ve accumulated over the last four years with this diagnosis and treatment for it. My insurance covers a large portion of my everyday expense, but it comes nowhere near touching the co-pays, specialists or out of pocket expense for my prescriptions. It’s daunting and it will only become greater when I finally move towards having my actual transplants.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with kidney, liver and congestive heart failure, and as a result I had to be hospitalized for several months. My body went through a lot and there were occasions where we didn’t think I was going to get any better. And it really bothers me to say – a few near death experiences. Since then I have been in and out of the hospital. Ialso suffered a blood infection, which took me off the transplant list and left my health in a serious state. Thankfully today I am no longer in congestive heart failure and I’m grateful to be out of the treatment clinics and on home dialysis – with a close eye being kept on my liver. There’s a lot of care that goes into living like that though and it is incredibly expensive. There’s also the emotional stress of that type of life day to day. And because life is life there are always everyday unexpected curve-balls thrown our way that have nothing to do with my health but take away from what resources we have to pay for that care. Mother Nature drops a tree on our car and totals it. Ah damn. My father passes without his funeral expenses actually covered like he said they were. Well double dog damn on an emotional level. 

The sad fact is it isn’t cheap or easy to have chronic health problems in America. So many of the things that such a person should have done medically are typically weighed by their insurance to see if they’ll actually cover it. And if you really need it you just find a way to try and pay for it because your life is more valuable than money. The stress that comes with this is overwhelming and it starts to sink into every corner of your life. This is where I am at right now. My husband and I are just trying to keep ourselves treading in a pool that keeps getting deeper. So it wasn’t without a lot of thought on our part before we decided to reach out for help. We both work hard (yes, I still try to work) and it never seems to be enough.

I don’t honestly expect to reach the very large amount I’ve attached to this fundraiser. And to be perfectly honest even if I did it would only be a dent, but a dent is still incredible. Every single thing a person does to help us is incredible and I can never say thank you enough. The funds that are raised from this fundraiser go solely to my debt. If you’re someone who likes to get something in return for your buck I can introduce you to a lovely collection of tees my husband and I have designed for my shop – though I’m not sure I can link to them here. And you know, times are tough all over and I know not everyone has something extra to give. I just know it never hurts to ask. And if all you have to give is a kind word and a prayer? I’ll take that too. I’m just incredibly grateful that are those who care for me and have always looked out for me the way I will always look out for them. So thank you. And please, have an incredibly blessed day!

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