Short Story Sunday: On A Good Day

On a good day she could get out of bed and not worry about someone banging on her door with a wooden spike and sword.

On a bad day they’d be there. They’d know where she was.

Luckily they didn’t know where she was. They were all long gone and she had looked at the calendar with a slight smile knowing they’d been dead for 134 years.

It was a beautiful fall day a few weeks before Halloween. She put on jeans with a black blazer over a black tee shirt. Flat olive green suede booties finished off the outfit, along with a black mask and a large silver bracelet she’d purchased in Mexico sometime around 1986, but it could have been 1987.

On a good day her car would start.

On a bad day the tires would be slashed, but that hadn’t happened since she had Danny and his friends taken care of. Actually, it was more taking care of herself. That made her smile. It was also good to have friends who would always be there to help when the moon was full, and a chill was in the night air.

On a good day she wouldn’t have to hunt for food. He’d be there willing to let her unbutton his shirt and gently kiss his neck.

On a bad day, well, she’d have to work for it, but the work was usually pretty fun, and not much work really, and she liked the chase.

Today was going to be a good day. She set the Rolex she’d had since the 1977, and slung her cute Coach bag over her shoulder, then tucked her hair behind her ear, and put on her cheap sunglasses.

Then she opened her front door.

There on her front porch stood two large men dressed in black leather, carrying wooden stakes, large knives, guns, and garlic.

“Well look at you,” she said. “Are you planning on cooking something Italian?”

The men rushed at her.

She smiled showing her beautiful fangs, then held up her hands. “Stop,” she said, thinking for a brief moment that it would have been much more dramatic had she been wearing lace fingerless gloves, but at least her nails were painted the perfect shade of metallic pink.

And they stopped.

“Didn’t anyone tell you boys that Vampires can control your every mood. And speaking of moods, don’t ruin mine. Don’t make my day bad, because I can make yours extremely bad. Do you understand.”

The men stood still, as if she’d frozen them, because she had indeed frozen them.

“Now run along,” she said quietly, “and forget you ever saw me or heard of me or drove down my street.”

The two men left in a trance, like a couple of Zombies before the rot set in. The smiled knowing they’d forget her but have nightmares for the next three months. She was good. Yes, she was THAT good.

Checking the mirror by her front door she ran her hands through her hair, then left, locking the front door. She’d make sure she caller her friend later who was good at protection spells and have her house made more secure.

The tires on her car looked fine. The roses in her front yard were blooming. A lizard ran across the walk way. She smiled and got into her car.

Yes it was a good day. It was a very good day.

~ end


  1. I wish I was that good, lol! It would certainly be helpful.

    Thanks for the laugh. Maybe I’ll go paint my nails metallic pink and find my cheap sunglasses. That will be a good start to the week!

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