Short Story Sunday: Robert and the Key

I’m honored to feature a story from 14 year old Charlotte K., a high school freshman. I’m always happy to feature work of young authors here. 

Robert and The Key

coffeeHello, the names Robert. My whole life has just been a boring existence until that is I met the key girl. It started on Saturday, April 5th, 2002; I had no plans as I usually did for I had no friends and no social life what so ever. My Saturday’s normally consist of getting coffee in a ratty coffee shop called Crystal’s, then I would proceed to go home after that, walk through my front door, stomp around my house until reaching my dull and lifeless bedroom, sitting in my chair and staring off into space until I finish my coffee. After that I would normally sleep for the next 5-7 hours bringing me then to around 3-5PM where I would sit on my couch eating my depression away and watching pointless TV shows to fit with my pointless life.  This Saturday was different though, I got up, exhausted and threw on my coat and shuffled down to Crystal’s.

Normally nobody was in there by this morning there was a girl, this was the key girl. She sat at a table drinking a mug full of hot chocolate with peppermint. She beautiful I thought to myself. The girl had long blonde hair like the color of the golden sun, with big waves going through it. Her eyes were like magic, imagine the darkest brown you can and those were her eyes, almost black. Perfect lips, not to thin but not overly full but just right, the shape of her face was a little bit round, just right though. I walked to the counter admiring her beauty.

I ordered my usual black coffee of whatever they were brewing that morning. As I was walking out the door I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, it was she.  “I happened to notice you staring at me.” She said softly, smiling and looking down at her feet.

“Uhhh…” I said blankly.

“It’s alright.” She said cheerfully while adding laughter to the end.

“Sit with me?” She asked pointing to any empty table.

I walked slowly over to the table. I was thinking why in the world would a girl like this want me?  She probably feels bad for me. I pulled out the chair for her and she sat down, I sat down next.

“So Robert, I’m going to give you something alright?”

She knows my name?

“Umm alright?” I said confused.

“Close your eyes.”

Oh god. I closed my eyes and felt her grab for my left hand.

“Open your hand please.” I did as she asked. I felt something be put into my hands; she closed my hand into a fist.

“Open your eyes.”  In my hands there was a key.

“This is the key to the world, the key to knowledge, and the key to love. Put it in your pocket and don’t look at it until you get to your apartment okay?”

“Okay?” I said questioning.

“Turn your head to the right for me.” I turned my head to the right.

When I turned back she was gone. Poof.  I ran home fast as I could. I got to my door and didn’t once look at the keys. I pulled out the two keys in my pocket, one being my house key and the other being the key the girl gave me. I took both out and stared blankly at them, the keys looked identical as if long lost twins. I tested one and it worked, I test the other and it work. I brushed it off and walked into my apartment to see a note left on my table it read…

Dear Robert,

Everything you need in life can be found here.

Love, The Key Girl.

Moral: Everything you need is found within yourself.


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