Short Story Sunday: My Vampire Lover

Tangled Tales
Tangled Tales

January brings football, more activities and shuffling around with teens and other family members, work and well, just life. But it is also Sunday, which means a short story and my brain has gone blank. So today I’ll just pass this one on as it was told to me by the parties involved.

Once upon a time, in a land far away (not really, it is in San Francisco), on a dark stormy night… But we’re having a drought so it is just dark and cold with out the stormy stuff. Anyway…

My Vampire Lover

Part 1: Andrew

Andrew stood in front of the open window, the wind in his hair, his eyes on the moon. A smile lingered on his lips with the memory of a kiss and the promise of more.

He turned dramatically, like he always did, when he heard the click of the door opening behind him.

A tall pale man as thin as a reed wearing a black suit came into the room. “Sir, there is someone here to see you.”

Andrew eyed his man servant. “Gerald, would you please stand up straight. You’re going to creep someone out.”

Gerald straightened out, growing another 4 inches and losing about 10 years.

“Much better. Who is that someone you said is here?”

“A young man who said, and I quote the monster who is dating my mother. He seemed a bit upset.”

“Well, that is somewhat unexpected. I suppose I should talk to him,” said Andrew with a shrug.

Part 2: Cameron

My mom is sleeping with a Vampire. I can’t believe I just said that.

A few years ago my dad left mom for another woman. I didn’t think she’d ever get over. He was such a douche about it too.

Fast forward five years, my sister and I are in college and mom is happier than I’d seen her in ages. She said she was involved with a man. He was an opera singer of all things.

I looked him up and found a portrait, a painting someone did last year. He looks about 28.

Then one day while I was home for the weekend I was my mom had her email up. I couldn’t help but look. It was my mom, what could have been on a 53 year old woman’s email that would have bothered me? I mean, she was already seeing a guy half her age (that bothered me.)

And there it was “Vampire.” What the Hell was going on.

So I went to his house. I couldn’t let my mom do this. I couldn’t let him have her.

Armed with a backpack full of crosses, garlic, holy water, a silver knife and a gun I knocked on the door.

A tall stooped skinny guy who looked like he was out of Central Casting for creepy butlers answered the door. I demanded to see Andrew, the Vampire. The butler let me in.

Andrew looked younger than I thought he’d be. I asked his age. He said 162 then smiled without his fangs. He said he loved my mom. He said he’d do anything to make her happy but he’d never come between my mom and her kids.

I could see how my mom was attracted to him. He was tall and well built looking like something off of the cover of a romance novel in his white shirt and black velvet vest, his chestnut brown hair to his shoulders and swept off his handsome face.

But why my mom? It didn’t matter. Today was the day I’d save her honor and her soul.

Part 3: Shawna

My son said in a text that he was going to save my honor and my soul? WTF? Then I realized, he’d found out about Andrew.

I love my kids, but they’ll always see me as the frumpy mom who was married to their dad. That would be the same dad who cheated on me and lied to me and broke my heart. No more. I’m a mom forever and that is my most important role. Needless to say I’m not frumpy anymore and I’m not going to feel sorry for myself anymore. I don’t even miss my ex husband. In fact I’m glad to be rid of him. But besides being a mom I’m also a woman. My kids are in college. I’m by myself most of the time. I deserve happiness.

I didn’t know Andrew was a Vampire when I met him. When I found out it was too late – my heart was already his. He accepts me for who I am and loves me. We are so good together.

I’d been visiting Andrew for the weekend and just run out to the store for a few minutes when I received the text from Cameron.

Racing back to the house I could hear yelling inside. My heart pounded. The front door was locked. I screamed for them to let me in.

I heard Gerald yelling “Get the bastard. Knock him off his ass.”

Andrew screamed “Get him.”

I heard Cameron yell but couldn’t make out the words. This was my worst nightmare.

The French doors off of the back deck were unlocked. Running inside I expected to see carnage. Who would be alive and who would be dead? My darling boy or my lover. It was more than I could handle. Tears streamed down my face.

As I ran into the room I stopped myself cold, breathing hard, not believing what I saw.

Gerald was sitting in a chair wearing a sweat shirt and jeans, his legs proper up on an ottoman, his long hair out of the usual trademark pony tail. Cameron sat on the couch, almost shoulder to shoulder with Andrew my Vampire lover.

All three of them looked around at me with a puzzled look.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” Cameron looked up at me with his big puppy dog eyes.

“Honey, what is it?” Andrew got up and approached me.

On the TV Screen the football game played. Playoffs. They were watching the playoffs. Nothing brings guys together like sports.

I took Andrew’s hand and said “Nothing is wrong. Damn allergies are making my eyes water. Glad to see you guys met.” Then we sat back on the couch and watched the rest of the game.


Disclaimer: If you’re following this blog please don’t unfollow – 98% of the other posts here are much better than this (but this is a TRUE story) and all of the other short stories are really worth reading. 

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