Short Story Sunday: River

He couldn’t find his mom.

They’d put him in a bag.

Then they took him out.

Then a woman kissed him and hugged him.

But she was rough with him.

Her voice was loud and hurt his ears.

Then the man got angry and put him back in they bag.

It was horrible.

He walked around alone at the edge of the river.

Life had been good with his mom and his brothers.

Now he was alone.

Above him a hawk circled.

Below him his feet were wet.

Bugs circled his head.

He was hungry.



He turned at the sound of footsteps.

A man approached him.

It was a new man.

Should he flee?

Should he wait?


“Help me,” he cried out.

“Hey baby,” said the man. “What are you doing out here?”

The man picked him up and held him close.

A dog came running up.

It wasn’t a mean dog.

That was good.

Very good.

They got in the car.

Now what?


“Hey Lila, come here. I have something to show you.”

Lila came down the stairs. “How was your walk? What is it?”

“Look. “Steve opened his coat and showed Lila a tiny gray and white tabby kitten. “I was walking along and there is was, all cold and wet. I couldn’t leave him.”

“We’re keeping this baby,” said Lila. “He looks about four months. What a sweetie.”

“I named him River. You know, because I found him by the river.”

“Sounds good.” She kissed the kitten. “Welcome to our family River.”


It was a good day.

Now he had a family.

He had a mom and dad.

Even the old grandpa cat liked him.

He had a forever home.

~ End


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