Short Story Sunday: Over the bridge – the story of a cat

All of the veterinarian offices are closed on Sunday. The old cat lost the ability to stand on her own the night before.

Unless she fell asleep forever on his lap, this wouldn’t her last day.

Over the years she’d been there for him when he was sick or injured. She was at his side when he recovered from cancer, a broken leg, knee surgery, and the death of his wife.

They’d watched hundreds of movies together. They watched baseball games together.

When she was young he and his wife would take the dog for walks and she’d follow behind. Eventually the wife would pick her up and carry her home. That was always fun.

She missed the wife. She was always there until she wasn’t. The husband said the wife had been killed by a carjacker. The cat didn’t know what that was. She supposed it might have been like the bad dogs who used to live down the street, or the coyotes who lived behind the house.

After that the man was sad too much. She tried to make him happy by purring extra loud and staying close to him. She licked his hand, and tried to give him love bites on his nose.

She was an ancient cat, and a wise cat, but there was much she still didn’t know.

As she closed her eyes for a bit she thought about the girl. It was the girl who insisted the cat would be hers.

The memory of being a tiny kitten in a loud room full of cages, filled with cats, still terrified her. When the small girl passed by the cat reached out her tiny kitten paw and as if to say, “take me.” And the girl took her.

The girl was grown now and rarely came around. She lived far away with a man. They were happy. The cat always knew when her people were happy.

Now the old cat lived with a large goofy dog, and a younger annoying cat. They had both stayed by her side when she started to slow down. They would sit on the deck in the sun with her. They pulled through for her, and she knew it.

Long ago when the cat first came to live in the house with her people there had been different animals. One was a large male cat. He had no tail. He hated everyone except the man, and the dog. He soon grew to love her and protect her. She was like his grand-kitten, and she loved him. One day when he was quite old he fell asleep in the man’s lap and was gone.

The white dog. She thought about the dog all the time. When she arrived at the house she was greeted by a young dog. She hissed, but only once. Soon she and the dog became best friends. They grew up together. They grew old together. She missed the white dog she had loved so much.

The white dog had became old. One day she couldn’t walk straight and couldn’t think straight, so the man and woman and their daughter took the dog for a ride, and she never returned. The people were sad with water in their eyes.

Dogs usually don’t live as long as cats, so the cat was left alone with the annoying younger male cat. Then they brought home a puppy, who grew to be a giant dog. The dog was OK. She liked to lick the old cat in the face and sleep next to her.

Closing her eyes again the old cat thought of all of the birds she had caught. She thought of the squirrels she’d grabbed and taken apart. She thought of all of the lizards she’d chased.

Then she thought of the man. He’d miss her. His eyes were wet.

She closed her eyes and found herself on a sunny trail. There before her was a bridge. Coming towards her was the white dog. The pain was gone, and she knew the man would be alright.

~ end


    1. Gloria had gone down hill on Saturday night. This just came out Sunday as she was sleeping on curled up with the man. She always sat on his lap and took care of him. She always gave me kisses and would reach her little paw out when I passed by her.

      You’re the only person Mandy, who makes me smile when they tell me F*** you. Thanks for being here. xoxo

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