Gloria 2005-2023

Once upon a time a little girl and her mother went to the Sacramento County Animal Shelter, otherwise known as The Pound. It was the little girl’s 6th birthday

A teeny tiny calico cat reached out her teeny tiny paw as to say glad to meet you, take me home with you. Look how beautiful I am.

This morning my precious Gloria passed away. She was 18.

She graces many of the pages on this blog.

I will always miss her and love my sweet cat forever.

Now go hug your cats and dog.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


        1. Thank you. She was so special and such a gentle soul. Even after three weeks it is still so weird not having her around. Poor Oscar has lost his mind looking for her, and trying to adjust. Thank good Alice the German Shepard is here to help him out.

    1. Thank you so much. A cat will pick you out, even if you thought you picked it out. They then spend their lives taking care of us in their way and getting into our hearts and souls unlike anything else. Hugs.

  1. J, I have no words for times like this, I can only offer sympathy for what you must feel. It’s like losing a part of the family. It just hurts. You can only look back on the gift of all the wonderful moments and memories she left to you and thank her for the love ♥️.
    Thinking of you…… Xo

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