Another School Shooting…

Another shooting.

Again, how many times have I posted about school shootings? Too many.

My heart goes out to everyone at Michigan State and their families and friends. My heart goes out to the community there. This is a horrible horrible horrible event.

So far three people (I think students) were murdered and five others are in critical condition in the hospital.

The shooter killed himself. He was 43 years old and had nothing to do with the school. He wasn’t a student or an employee of the school.

The shooting was in the Social Sciences building. I mention that because my daughter was an International Studies major at UCI in the Social Sciences department. One of the Planet of the Apes movies was filmed in the UCI Social Sciences building. Any shooting was pretend by people in costumes. It wasn’t real.

Yes, it wasn’t real, but in Michigan it was. My heart breaks, again, for students and teachers, for people going to a store, for people went to work in the morning, for people in churches, and walking on the street, at concerts, and just going out with friends – all who died for no reason because come asshole was too stupid and selfish to deal with their problems like the rest of us do.

My daughter was born in 1999. That was the year of Columbine. That event was beyond horrible. None of us ever imagined something like that would happen again. None of us imagined it would happen again, and again, and again.

Since the pandemic wound down it is happening even more.

For all of us who are parents we know what it is like when our kids tell us about active shooter drills. We know what it is like to tell our children about the latest school shooting. We know what it is like to be afraid our kids and their teachers might be next.

Over the years I’ve written a lot about school shootings. What the fuck. I shouldn’t be writing about that. I should be writing about funny things kids do, love letters, silly Vampires, funny Werewolves, and all of the other things I’ve rather be writing about.

Last week I went to active shooter training at an institution I’m involved with. I thought about trying to get a bunch of small children, or senior citizens to an emergency exit if we hear gunfire.

Last night I was thinking about time travel, for a blog post of course. My idea was that if someone came from the future to warn us, nobody would listen to them. Seriously, do you think anyone would listen to the warnings? Of course not. Nobody listens to shit that happened in the past. Why do you think anyone would listen to what will happen in the future.

Unfortunately until we do something about guns, mental health issues, warning signs, and the reasons WHY these assholes are murdering people, NOTHING is going to happen. Unfortunately, because of so many stupid stupid stupid reasons NOTHING is going to change, and there will be more shootings. More parents will have to learn that their child is dead. More people will get that call that their mom, dad, child, friend, grandparent, was killed senselessly by a shooter.

It must stop. We can’t depend on our politicians. They are worms. They believe guns are more important than the lives of our children.

We can’t depend on our mental health professionals – they are overloaded without the resources they need to do their jobs. We can’t depend on society because people never learn. And assholes feel entitled to kill innocent people, and that includes children.

~ Julilette aka Vampire Maman


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