Short Story Sunday: Back into the Past

Part 12 – Back into the Past (the Austin and Elizabeth story)

Bringing the past to life is the goal of every history professor. Austin decided to spend a cold Saturday morning going over a folder of old letters and documents that would bring light on the past.

He looked at the woman curled up asleep on the couch. Her hair was in a mussed up layered bob he wanted to run his hands through. She was beautiful. She was also 180 years old and a Vampire.

Why do research when you have a community full of people who live forever to get information from? Oh right, because they’re cold predators who’d rather not talk to you unless they need something. That something includes blood, preferrable warm fresh from your neck. The main reason was that saying you got your information from a Vampire would make everyone think you were nuts.

She was still without any signs of breathing or so much a heart beat. Austin wondered if Elizabeth needed the blanket or only had it for comfort.

There wasn’t much comfortable about his relationship with Elizabeth relationship except when they were alone. Since letting her into his life (or was it the other way around) he had been subjected to veiled threats and questions about his motives toward her by her kind. Surprisingly he’d never been attacked, at least not by her kind of Vampire – the civilized kind who lived among real people.

The thick white scar on his left wrist was a constant reminder of the other kind of Vampire. That was the kind he’d learned to eradicate. Even Vampires called him to get rid of the soulless shadow creeping husks of Vampires he’d find under the floor boards and in attics of old buildings. They knew, the Vampires knew that he knew what they were.

The morning had been spent reading over documents from a house he was restoring. Three bodies had been found. A young woman with an infant in her arms was found under the floorboards. Dressed in expensive silk, he could tell she must have once been beautiful. The tiny baby was maybe only a few weeks old. At first Austin assumed she’d died from complications of childbirth but she’d been shot in the heart, then dressed and under the boards of the house. The man was found with what looked like a self-inflicted gunshot wound was found about 20 feet away. By the clothing and expensive watch Austin could tell the man was well to do.

All assumptions Austin made about the couple were wrong. They’d did in 1853. Around 1890 a larger house had been built on the foundation of the older building. DNA proved that the man was the father of the child. It also proved that the mother of the child was his sister. Jesus Christ, it just kept getting weirder and weirder. He’d found an ambrotype of the attractive couple looking dignified and respectable. The letters about forbidden love were tragic and charming at first but now it was just creepy and sick.

Getting up from his desk Austin noticed Elizabeth was gone. Just like a cat she could get up and vanish without a sound.

Austin found her in the kitchen making tea. She stepped close to him and brushed his cheek with her cold lips. “Don’t think too much about the dead,” she said quietly.

Funny thing for a Vampire to think.

“I love my sister but I could never…I couldn’t even think about it.”

“They weren’t right Austin. There were forces and things going on that neither one of us could imagine.”

As he looked in her eyes he thought about the night before. He’d run his fingers along her lips than asked her to show him her fangs. Shit, it was a stupid rude thing to do. Everything about being with Elizabeth was confusing and not right. It wasn’t wrong – it just wasn’t right. Then again, nothing in his life had ever been so right.

He watched the woman who in a few minutes could drain his body of blood mix the right amount of honey and lemon into his tea. Sweet and sour, hot and cold, day and night – it was the mix that made their relationship right.

“Austin, you care about the people you research as if you were there,” she told him as she handed him his cup.

“You were there.”

“I’m here, now. Right now. Go drink your tea and finish up. I’m going back to sleep.”

Austin watched her curl back up on the couch and turn her face away from him. He went back to his notes and back into the past, at least for the next hour or two.





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Oh.. one more thing! Today, January 11 is Unicorn Appreciation Day. Blogs all over the universe are reminding us today.

To read all about my unicorn experience CLICK HERE.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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