Short Story Sunday: The Hunt Continues

He’d never forget the first time he saw a Vampire.

It was a Thursday. Crumbling walls in the basement of the old building he was overhauling needed to be rebuilt. With the swing of a hammer into a 150 year old wall he discovered a world he could have never imagined. It changed everything.

Three long boxes sat in the dark corner. Inside he found bodies dressed in musty clothing of a time long gone. They were gaunt and pale. At first he thought they were mummies until they opened their eyes and showed their fangs.

That day his world changed forever. He’d found a clutch of soul-less shadow creeping Vampires.

A few days later he had a visit from an attorney, a dark haired man with hazel eyes so alive they almost glowed. He was Aaron Todd, attorney and Vampire. This man wasn’t anything like the undead creatures he’d found in the basement. He was different. He had a soul of sorts, but he was still a predator. Then again, Austin was a predator right on the top of the food chain.

That was 5 years ago and about 35 Vampires later – 35 Vampires he’d exterminated. He’d met a dozen more, the kind he wouldn’t kill, plus a network of Vampire Hunters (good and bad.)

Sometimes he’d call in Aaron, his reserved source of information. Austin would never say he was friends with Aaron Todd. It was more of an “arrangement.”

Aaron had told him, “You have a gift to see into my world. Use it wisely.” The “or else” was unspoken but loud and clear. Austin learned over the years that the arrogant Vampire bastard was like that was about everything.

Austin never became friends with Vampires, until now. And he really wasn’t ready to call if friendship. More of a hard-core head over heels feeling of lust, love and loathing.

He’d met her at a bar. They’d gone to a house he was doing a restoration on and been haunted by ghosts. She landed in the hospital full of his blood. He wanted to kill her. But he also wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He could go either way – kill her or stay with her forever. He’d know by the end of the night, or maybe not.

Tonight would be their first real, normal date. She met him at her front door, not dressed in Gothic black or blood red, but in a simple elegant dress of olive green silk with freshwater pearls at her neck. Her cheek was cool on his lips as he kissed her hello.

There was no bravado with this lovely shy creature. That would be his job to take the lead. He had no idea where they’d go but he had some ideas.

To be continued…




For more on Austin and Elizabeth (not the same Elizabeth who works with Max) click on the links below.

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About 20 more posts on this and I’ll have a novel.




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