Short Story Sunday: Date with a Vampire

Part 7 in The Hunter series


Date with a Vampire


Austin showed up at Elizabeth’s door at 8:00 sharp. She opened it before he knocked.

She let him in, and they stood in the entryway looking at each other, eye to eye for what seemed like an eternity. He then took her hands, first his fingertips touching hers, cold to warm, then their hands entwined. Neither of them spoke.

He smiled. No fangs. All the other guys she dated lately had long sexy fangs. He had something else. Austin had warmth.

“Let’s go,” he said. He’d wanted to say, “Let’s go upstairs,” but he could wait. “You look beautiful tonight. I expected black. You’re wearing green. It looks good on you.” He opened the car door for her and went around to the drivers seat after she got in.

It was Second Saturday, the night that all the art galleries, shops, clubs and restaurants were open downtown. They’d walk around, talk a little, have a cocktail. Maybe fool around a little. Let her bite my neck. What am I doing with her he thought to himself. Damned if I’ll let her bite my neck.

He started the conversation. “I saw a bowl of fruit in your house. You eat real food sometimes don’t you?”

“Yes, of course. I’m kind of hungry right now. You know, for real food. I just don’t eat a lot of sweets. So um, you know, midnight pie at a diner wouldn’t work for me, but I do drink coffee. I’d have coffee at midnight if you really want pie.”

“How about Quiche. You know it’s sort of like an egg and cheese pie.”

“Sure, if it has bacon in it.”

“Is that a Vampire thing? The bacon?”

“No, it’s a bacon thing. I like bacon. Everyone likes bacon. Even vegans like bacon.”

He laughed out loud.

“So Elizabeth, how often do you drink blood?”

She didn’t answer right away. Her brow furrowed a bit. “Three or four times a week.”

“Is that fresh or from a bottle?”

“Fresh if I can get it, schedule permitting. I get more than blood from others.”

“Life force?”

“Sure, if you want to call it that.”

“Interesting. Was it difficult when you started getting blood from people?”

“Not really, I had a good teacher. It sort of just came naturally for me.”

“Am I making you uncomfortable with my questions?”

“I don’t know. Not really, but a little bit. I don’t know you that well and,” she looked away then looked back at him, “you’re a Vampire Hunter.”

“I’m a historian and contractor who happens to have special talents when it comes to exterminating unwanted Vampires. I guarantee you are not an unwanted Vampire.”

“Oh Good. Does that make me a wanted Vampire?”

Oh yes, he wanted her in the worst way, but the way she looked at him gave him chills. He ran over a curb turning into the parking space.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be nosey,” he told her, trying to recover.

She smiled showing a flash of her fangs. “Liar.”

He smiled a movie star smile and shrugged. She thought her blood would suddenly turn hot. “Elizabeth, I have to tell you, half of my clients are Vampires. I also get rid of unwanted creepy Vampire Hunters, or at least discourage them from ever coming around again.”

“That’s a comforting thought.” She smiled at him, a shy smile this time.

They walked to the restaurant and ordered drinks and appetizers. A Tanqueray and tonic for him with an extra wedge of lime, a Grey Goose vodka martini with two olives for her, mussels steamed in wine paired with calamari drizzled with a roasted red pepper and lemon sauce.

They talked of local artists who’s work they were both familiar with and favorite galleries and shops.

He noticed that she ate in small bites and sipped her drink rather than gulped it. Everything about her movements was perfect and inviting, yet there was shyness about her. She could kill him in a moment without thinking about it. She could drain his body of blood. She could make him go insane.

Maybe she would make him go insane but in a different way, the way a normal woman could make a man go insane. Time would tell. Right now he didn’t care, or at least didn’t want to ponder the risks. He was too smart to let her get the upper hand if things ever got out of control.

He looked around the room. Nobody there would ever imagine she was a Vampire. She looked like an attractive woman out with her man. A normal woman of a normal age. He remembered the reaction of the people in the hospital the first night he’d met her. Her stomach was full of his blood. She had almost no pulse or blood pressure. The doctors thought she would die. He knew her symptoms were just normal readings for a Vampire. It was insane. They’d met in a bar. He took her to an old house he was restoring. They were attacked by ghosts and they both passed out and woke up in the hospital. Then he asked her out on a real date, and here they were. He couldn’t remember more than 15 minutes when he hadn’t thought of her.

Elizabeth reached over and took his hand. Her fingers were cold, her eyes hot. “Let’s go back to my house.”


Austin woke to the sound of birds and the smell of coffee. He slipped his arm from around Elizabeth and wandered downstairs. She’d set the coffee machine the night before. A note was on the table telling him that cream was in the refrigerator if he needed it. She’d drawn a heart under the words.

He poured coffee in two black glossy mugs and went back upstairs. The sensations of the night before still ran through his body. He put the coffee down on the nightstand and put his hand to his neck. Nothing. She didn’t take his blood. Just everything else he thought. She was…amazing.

Crawling back in bed he put his arm around her and nuzzled her neck. She didn’t respond. Brushing her hair off of her face he said her name. Then he checked her breathing and pulse. There was nothing. No signs of life. The woman he’d made love to just a few hours before was ice cold.

“Elizabeth. Baby. Elizabeth wake up.”

Nothing. He checked her eyes. Still nothing. Panic set in. She was dead.

The phone. He had to get his phone. It was in the pocket of his pants on the floor. He put it next to the pillow. Austin rolled Elizabeth to her back and tilted her head back.

His mouth went to hers. Before he could take a breath her arms went around him. He pulled back and gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Elizabeth looked surprised.

“I thought you were dead.”

Then he looked at her for what seemed a long long time. She met his eyes, locking in on him.

“Austin, I’m a Vampire. Remember?”

He lay back on the pillow next to her. Holy mother of God he’d spent the night with a Vampire. What the Hell was he doing? Closing his eyes he tried to clear his brain and turn back into the logical in control man he was.

“I used to be like you Austin. If I’d been with you then my heart would be beating fast and you would have taken my breath away.” She took his hand and brought it to her neck. “Do you feel it?”

There was a faint slow pulse under his fingers. “You make my heart beat. You make me feel alive.”

With that he kissed her knowing that there was no turning back for either one them.


To be continued…


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Vampire Love

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