Short Story Sunday: Star Crossed Wars

May the fourth be with you.

red heart

Star Crossed Wars

Undying lust was the feeling that always came up first when he looked at the woman next to him. She was dressed in old jeans and a black tee shirt, cleaning her weapons with the radio turned up too loud. It was a late night rebroadcast of Science Friday. She was such a surprise.

He walked up to her and stood close, as he always did when he wanted her. Later as they lay back on the bed she opened an eye and gave him a half smile.

“Remember when we saw Star Wars the first time, in the theater.”

“It was the most amazing movie we’d ever seen,” he answered and kissed her. His mouth went to her neck where he brushed his fangs across her cool skin.

“I was always bothered by that Vampire creature in the bar,” she told him.

He ran his hands through her hair and kissed her again. “Be glad they don’t show us as we are, alive and beautiful and so cold. Your skin is so cold. I want you.”

She thought about their relationship in the form of movies they’d seen. Star Wars. Casablanca. Rebecca. Made of Honor. Paranormal. It was a stupid random list that popped into her head that made no sense. Then again when it came to Max nothing made sense anymore.

Vampires are known for their control but when it came to Max there was no control. Mehitabel tried but it always ended up being the wrong thing in the long run.

She dared not ask him why his heart was the only part of his body that couldn’t be hers. She put her hands on his face and turned his eyes towards hers. “I…”

“Yes?” He gave her that smile of him that melted her.

“I want you.” She couldn’t say the other word that started with an L.

She lost herself to him again, body and soul, never knowing how long this would last. Maybe another year, maybe another hundred. Falling asleep in his arms her dreams turned to stars and space ships and adventures that were yet to come.



Tangled Tales

Tangled Tales


 ~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

Record time – written in 15 minutes and half a cup of coffee! Time for a warm up!

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2 thoughts on “Short Story Sunday: Star Crossed Wars

  1. It’s a wonderful piece of short story Juliette… intense – but somewhat a little sad since she has these problems to tell him she loves him. Is that “normal” in the Vampire world?


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