Short Story Sunday: Just Another Guy

Sunday 4:21 a.m.

She slid out of the bed without a sound. He’d sleep for a few hours more, then find himself alone. He’d wonder if she had been his Cinderella, but he wouldn’t find any lost shoes, underwear, earrings, or other articles of clothing. Not a trace of her, except her perfume on the pillow and a lingering crook in his neck would be left behind.

There would be no walk of shame. She’d parked in front of his house.

A block from her house she stopped at Donut Hole, a 24 hour donut and coffee shop. Just coffee today. She didn’t eat donuts and wasn’t picking up any for anyone else today.

The evening had been ok. He was cute and semi-interesting. Sex was nice but not spectacular. He had skills, but she held back not wanting to get emotionally attached. What was spectacular was his A+ blood type and the scent of vanilla and cloves on his neck. He smelled so good.

After a long hot shower she checked her messages.

Nothing interesting.

Then her phone dinged. She’d thought she turned the sound off.

Hi. I missed you this morning. Thank you for a wonderful time last night.

She sent a message back.

Sorry, I had to get home and feed my cats.

He sent a message back. I’d like to see you again.

So she wasn’t just a one night stand to him. Going over the events of the night she evaluated why. She looked good, but she always did. She laughed at his jokes because he was genuinely funny. They talked about a variety of subjects. He listened to her. Despite the fact that she was only after one thing, there was a genuine attraction. He was a good kisser. He smelled nice. He wasn’t needy.

She smiled, then ran her tongue over her fangs. Then a strange feeling inside of her made her smile. It had been years, maybe not since the 1940’s since she’d felt this way.

No, oh, please, don’t fall in love. You got what you needed. He is just another guy. Just a guy. Plus you’re 182 years older than he is. Oh shit.

Then she texted back, I’d like to see you again too.

Taking a deep breath she tried not to worry too much. After all, a girl has to eat.

~ end


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