Red Grease and Empty Nest Parenting

“Somebody threw a plate of enchiladas at me and I don’t know how to get the red grease stains out.”

I listened to the call from my 26 year old son.

“Why did someone throw a plate of enchiladas at you? Where were you?”

“I was at a party. I was talking to a woman near the food table. She’d been flirting with me all night. I was nice, but I’d come with someone else. I mentioned that I was with someone. Then the subject of stains came up because we were talking about getting grass stains on our knees when we were kids. I said I knew how to get rid of blood stains like an expert. I told her I’d learned from my mom. Then I turned on the charm and told her my mom is a Vampire. They thought I was joking, about the Vampire part, because of course I’d never tell her we were REALLY Vampires. Then she said well try to get this stain out and she threw a plate of enchiladas at me.”

“Oh honey,” I said. “that is nuts. What were you wearing?”

“A Cashmere sweater. Light blue. I can’t put it in boiling hot water because that is what I’d usually do with bad stains but Cashmere would shrink down to toddler size.”

“Wow. That red grease is almost impossible to get out. Soak it in Oxyclean, or try Goof Off. Other than that it might be a total loss. You could also try soaking it in Dawn.”

“I’ll soak it. Randy and I were going surfing this morning so maybe when we get back the stains will have magically disappeared.”

“Sounds like fun. How’s Randy doing?” Randy was my son’t best friend since they were toddlers.

“Great. Randy is always great. He got a lime green wet suit. That is so Randy.”

“At least you’ll know where he is.”


We talked some more as I sipped my coffee and listened to the coyotes outside of my back door howl their morning songs. The cat sat on the fog dampened deck knowing he’d be safe with me near. My dog wanted to go out to bark at the coyotes but I kept her in.

Even when your kids are living miles away they’re always close.

That’s all.

Stay safe.

~ Juliette Vampire Maman


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