Beneath the Bed

Beneath the Bed

Something lurks beneath the bed
They say it’s all inside my head
But they haven’t seen its icy stare
Or felt its hot breath on their hair

The mirror reflects two sinister eyes
If I stare long enough they grow in size
If my breathing takes a pause
I hear the clitter-scratch of razor claws

I set my slippers on the floor
Ready to bolt toward the door
Suddenly the tile’s quicksand
My leg feels the scrape of a bony hand

I wake – a scream rips from my throat
My bed’s an island, my room a moat
In the inky depths it swims below
Waiting to gnaw on foot or toe

The door swings wide – the light could blind
I struggle against the straps that bind
Me tightly to this bed each night
To stop me from my panicked flight

Just another night in the loony bin
That’s what they call this place I’m in
The only way I’ll ever be free
Is to make peace with the beast in me

Copyright © 2012 Mandy White




I’m always delighted to feature the work of Mandy White (thank you Mandy.) For more from Mandy White check out the books below. In October, just in time for Halloween, both are available for $0.99. Get your scare on and support a good cause. 

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman





Dysfictional 2: Shreds of Sanity (Dysfunctional Fiction)

by Mandy White

ONLY $0.99 in October.

– A henpecked husband makes a stand against his surly wife.
– Is a mysterious stain on the ceiling of a prison cell a product of the inmate’s imagination or something more sinister?
– A woman trapped in a loveless marriage finds magic in a gift from a friend.
– Something is alive in the outhouse…
– A young boy longs to venture beyond the walls of his post-apocalyptic city, until he learns the terrifying truth about what’s out there.
– A terminally ill teen’s forbidden love affair turns tragic.
– A young witch and her talking dog are tasked with ridding their home of unwanted guests. Magic is their only recourse.

Enjoy these twisted tales and more in Volume 2 of Mandy White’s ‘Dysfunctional Fiction’ series.

This ebook is DRM-free. Can be read on non-Kindle devices.



Creepies – Twisted Tales From Beneath the Bed

Creepies is only $0.99 during the month of October. Yes, HAPPY HALLOWEEN from WPaD!

Featuring stories from  Nathan Tackett (Author), J. Harrison Kemp (Author), Marla Todd (Author), David W. Stone (Author), A.K. Wallace (Author), Zoltana (Author), Mandy White (Author) and More…

– A desperate father, on the run with his daughter reveals a terrifying truth about his child…
– Who is the bogeyman, really? Hear the real story – directly
from the monster himself…
– A tiny burger joint along a desert highway – it appears to be a refreshing oasis for a traveling family… or is it?
– A psychic investigates an apparition of a little girl and uncovers a shocking tale…
Enjoy these chilling stories and more in Creepies: Twisted Tales From Beneath the Bed.
This collection of short stories is a fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis, in support of some of our writers who live with MS. For each copy sold, a portion is donated to MS research.






5 thoughts on “Beneath the Bed

    • The WPaD group is near and dear to my heart and soul. Check out all of their anthologies. I’ll be posting stories and poetry from many of the authors this month. I feel so honored to do so.

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