Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos in Arizona

Day of the Dead – not a time to scare but a time to celebrate those we knew and those we loved and those who went before us. A wonderful celebration of life and memories we cherish.

Click on the link below to see ALL of the wonderful and colorful photos.

Thank you so much Diana Garcia for sharing this!



2 thoughts on “Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos in Arizona

  1. You know, I heard about this kind of celebration and how they love life their, particularly on this special day.
    I do of course respect their tradition and celebration, but I personally find it a little morbid to celebrate life directly next to graves on the cemetery… I think it would have been good to visit the graves of loved ones, remember, share memories – and then go home and celebrate and picnic and dance there…
    But to each their tradition… they might not understand either why we do some things the way we do them… 🙂

    • Check out some of the celebrations in your area. It is really quite touching and lovely. Where I live families will fill a parking lot between downtown buildings with shrines. We came upon it by accident one year and have been going ever since. It is a bit strange the first time if you haven’t grown up with it. But then you see the art and the marigolds and the photos and you want to be part of it. I love the marigolds.

      There are a lot of traditions like sharing a bottle of wine with someone (you take a glass and pour some on the grave for your departed dead.)

      Then again I threatened to pour Lysol on Nigel’s grave because he was being a pain in the ass but that is another story.


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