Musings on parenting, love and being alone with one’s self.

Juliette by the window

I find myself thinking more of my past as my children go into their futures.

For almost 18 years I’ve given them lessons based on my experiences. I’ve learned from my mistakes and from my triumphs and passed that knowledge to my children.

The world is now a much different place than it was when I was a child. At the same time many things are the same.

How many doors were slammed shut in my face. New doors didn’t open. I had to either wait or try to pry them open with mixed results. Windows always seemed to be painted shut. Crypts were I thought I’d find safe haven were just Crypts full of haunted spirits.

There was plenty of bad blood. There were those who I remember who are long gone or have forgotten me.

Then again there has always been a lot of adventure. There has been a lot of just about everything.

So it all comes down to now, with the husband I love and the children we have together. It all comes together in a perfect unit that we must treat with toughness and with the most gentle hand. It is built on love and deliberate thought and action.

But I muse on so many stories of my life before my kids. A wild adventure. A lost time. A time I found myself heart and soul. Then I found my heart and soul in my husband and children and in my friends.

We must all make our bonds but find ourselves totally unleashed.

Of course all of you know that. We all know it. I hope we all know it to some degree.

I’m looking out the window in hopes of seeing the Ghost but no luck tonight. Everyone else is watching Bob-sledding. No kidding. Some Vampire family we are, but then again we’ve taken to hunting during the day on weekdays. It just makes things easier that way. Hey, we’re Modern Vampires.

But I’ll keep musing like an old fashioned Victorian Vampire, like I. K. Marvel or so many other long forgotten authors and musers and poets.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


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