2019 Summer Reading: Transport Yourself to Another Time

Today, on my Monday Book/Reading feature I present three books that are quite different, but three books that will transport you into another time or place.

Reveries of a Bachelor

by I.K. Marvel

I’ve carried my curious little volume around for years, with now yellow and brittle pages, treasuring it as a nice little book that takes one back to 1850, in the time of the Industrial Revolution and the California Gold Rush.

This summer I’ll be reading it again after many many many years.

Reveries of a Bachelor examines the dream-like lives Americans were living at the time. It was one of the top best sellers of its time but has received little attention from 19th century literary critics. In the text, Ik Marvel theorizes on boyhood, country life style, marriage, travel, and dreaming.

It was one of poet Emily Dickinson’s favorite books.

It is now quaint, and dated, but there are still hard truths of the heart and soul that we can all find in this volume of essays.

If you like social history, or write historic history from the mid-19th Century this book contains a wealth of sentimental information.

Reveries of a Bachelor is no longer in print. You might be able to find a copy online, on eBay, or maybe at your local used bookstore. Some people are asking over $100 for a copy but I know you can find one on eBay for under $10.

This sweet, and sometimes silly book will transport you to another time. Fix a tall drink and spend an hour or two with it under a shade tree or on your back porch with your cat or dog at your feet.


Author I. K. Marvel

Artful Players
Artistic Life in Early San Francisco

by Brigitta Hjalmarson


I love this book so much.

From the book jacket: With a handful of wealthy Gold Rush barons as indulgent patrons, an active community of artist appeared in San Francisco almost overnight. A subculture of artistic brilliance and social experimentation was the result in essence, a decades-long revelry which finally ended with the 1906 earthquake. 

Unfortunately when most people think about art from 1849 – 1906 they think of French, or Italian, or German art. Or they think of artist in the Eastern United States. But the real story, the personalities, the talent, and the fun was in California, specifically San Francisco down to Monterey, and even in Sacramento.

This book is non-fiction but it is a well written story and oh so fun to read. You’ll be transported in time with the adventures of Jules Travrnier, Thomas Hill, William Keith, Julian Rix, Grace Hudson, Theodore Wore, Oscar Wilde, and others. It was a time and place where both men and women could break out of the normal constraints and be the artists they wanted to be. Yes, there was drama, and the guys still didn’t want the girls to play in their club house, but it was an amazing time. It is a time and place you won’t want to leave. So pack your tuxedo, your camping gear, and your paint brushes and join the fun in Artful Players.

I read this book in January but I know I’ll be reading it again soon, just to savor it and get in the details once more.

Note: This book is available on Amazon for about $30. You can get a nice copy for a lot less on eBay or other online non-Amazon book sellers. Also check with your local used bookstores.

Chronicles of The One Trilogy

Book 1 Year One

Book 2 Of Blood and Bone

By Nora Roberts

I have book one and two of this Nora Roberts trilogy. Book 3 comes out later this year. I have to admit that I’m a fan of Nora Roberts trilogies. This post appocolyptic series includes magic, romance, and no doubt some nice twists and turns. I haven’t read either books yet. These are on my summer reading list. I will no doubt read them with tall cool drinks on my back deck undisturbed by two or four legged visitors.

I absolutely LOVE the J.D. Robb “In Death” series, and am of course waiting for the next book to come out.



I will never shame anyone about what they read (if you want me to I can give you my shameful awful reading list of books I violently dislike.) I like to read just about anything. My goal is to give you some fun and interesting suggestions, and share books I’ve enjoyed, found curious, or think I’m going to enjoy.

So until next Monday – have fun and happy reading.

And you know, you can always read my blog anytime you want. With over 2,000 posts it is guaranteed to keep you entertained.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



Musings on parenting, love and being alone with one’s self.

Juliette by the window

I find myself thinking more of my past as my children go into their futures.

For almost 18 years I’ve given them lessons based on my experiences. I’ve learned from my mistakes and from my triumphs and passed that knowledge to my children.

The world is now a much different place than it was when I was a child. At the same time many things are the same.

How many doors were slammed shut in my face. New doors didn’t open. I had to either wait or try to pry them open with mixed results. Windows always seemed to be painted shut. Crypts were I thought I’d find safe haven were just Crypts full of haunted spirits.

There was plenty of bad blood. There were those who I remember who are long gone or have forgotten me.

Then again there has always been a lot of adventure. There has been a lot of just about everything.

So it all comes down to now, with the husband I love and the children we have together. It all comes together in a perfect unit that we must treat with toughness and with the most gentle hand. It is built on love and deliberate thought and action.

But I muse on so many stories of my life before my kids. A wild adventure. A lost time. A time I found myself heart and soul. Then I found my heart and soul in my husband and children and in my friends.

We must all make our bonds but find ourselves totally unleashed.

Of course all of you know that. We all know it. I hope we all know it to some degree.

I’m looking out the window in hopes of seeing the Ghost but no luck tonight. Everyone else is watching Bob-sledding. No kidding. Some Vampire family we are, but then again we’ve taken to hunting during the day on weekdays. It just makes things easier that way. Hey, we’re Modern Vampires.

But I’ll keep musing like an old fashioned Victorian Vampire, like I. K. Marvel or so many other long forgotten authors and musers and poets.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman