Vampire Maman muses about the human capacity for love.

I dropped my mom off at the airport tonight. I doubt if anyone knew she was my mom. Maybe my sister.

While there I watched a middle aged woman helping her elderly mother, who was perhaps in her 80’s, to security. They were so sweet. I could tell the older woman had once been a beauty, and still was lovely. The younger woman, once a wee child, was talking to the airline employees to make sure her mom would get assistance. They were close, I could tell.

As vampires we’re, for the most part, spared from having to watch our parents get old, or having to become care takers. We also, more than humans, take life and those we love for granted. Humans have the love thing down. They’re experts because they never know when it will end. They may not think about it all the time, but it is always there, looming. Yet they don’t fear loss. They don’t like it, but survive and continue to love, despite the risks. Such great love in such a short amount of time.

We can all learn from others – even if they are human.


~ Juliette


One thought on “Vampire Maman muses about the human capacity for love.

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