Random Ramblings on Romance

middle age romanceI was in my car, driving to the post office to drop off my taxes to the real blood suckers, not really thinking about anything except the sound of the voice on the radio. I wasn’t even listening to his words. You know how it is when you’re in your own thoughts and everything else is sort of a blur. At the light right before the strip mall with the post office I saw a couple on the side of the road.

They were typical white trash. Oh don’t get offended. If you know where I live you know who I’m talking about. There are two main streets that divides the two communities. One is tree lined and lovely upscale. The other is an almost treeless jumble of strip malls, auto shops, tattoo parlors, massage parlors and bars, restaurants, and other assorted small businesses. The businesses are ok – the look of everything is awful and run down.

So I’m driving down the side without the trees and saw a couple walking along. He looked was scruffy and skinny with a gray beard and loose blue flannel shirt and pants that were sort of baggy. She had squeezed junior sized clothing onto her square shaped middle-aged body. A sleeveless black shirt was sort of twisted across her arms and showed the flash of a red bra under the sleeve. The too short and too tight of a skirt showed off pale skinny legs. She almost hobbled in low heels, running a hand to brush back her straw-like over processed hair.

They’d been to the store and maybe out to lunch. There might have been a car that wasn’t running, or had been borrowed by a friend or relative. They might have had DUIs. One thinks about that when you see people like them walking on the side of the road. They could have just had an environmentally conscious moment and decided to walk, despite the heavy winds. He looked like he was about sixty years old. She looked around fifty (a well worn fifty.) I knew they were both in their early forties. And she looked pissed at him, maybe because they were out walking rather than driving, but it could have been anything.

They’d no doubt met right after high school. Years of drinking, smoking cigarettes, pot, meth and assorted other things hadn’t helped their looks. No doubt they had kids who’d either moved out and on as quick as they could or moved back in with grandchildren of unknown parentage. But from what I could see they’d been together forever and would be together forever as each other’s old man and old lady.

Easy targets for a Vampire but I leave their kind alone. I wouldn’t fit into their world if I came lurking around. It would be hard for me to even pretend. I could, but…

My brother Max has always been so judgmental of the romantic lives of others. He is judgmental of things not romantic too. That is just Max. He is also protective of what he thinks is his, and that includes his family members. I find that extremely hypocritical considering what an asshole he is when it comes to relationships. He goes after women who mess with him and use the ones who could love him with a measure of honesty, but that is another post.

I had stopped by the home of the Elders, Tellias and Eleora, the ancient Vampires I watch over. They’re out on a farm by the river in the Queen Ann style mansion they build one hundred and thirty years ago. Sometimes other family members will come stay with the fragile old couple to make sure they’re alright. I can’t always get down there myself. After much begging I convinced others to help me out.

When I arrived I saw that Lola, was staying in the cottage she’d made into her second home (sort of.)

Cody’s Prius was parked in front of Lola’s cottage next to her Tesla. For obvious reasons Vampires love their hybrid and electric cars.

Let me step back for a second for my readers who are new here. Cody is a 30 something Vampire. Lola was born in 1342. She is also my great great great grandmama.

Lola’s parents looked sort of like this:

Lola's parents might have looked like this. I'm digging that man-dress.

Lola’s parents might have looked like this. I’m digging that man-dress.











Cody’s parents looked sort of like this around the time he was born:

All the girls wanted a guy like this - but  more a DRESS like this. I like the little flower details and the hecka big veil. Yes, these two look a lot like our young Cody's parents.

All the girls wanted a guy like this – but more a DRESS like this. I like the little flower details and the hecka big veil. Yes, these two look a lot like our young Cody’s parents.










Max thinks they shouldn’t be together. He thinks Cody is too young for Lola, even though she looks much younger than Cody. But Max, Mr. Alpha Uber Vampire, can sit in a corner and sulk for all I care. I’m just happy that Cody and Lola are happy when they spend time together.

Just as I was getting out of my car Max pulled up in his black SUV with his giant wolfhound mix dogs. He looked over at the cottage then glared back at me.

“Don’t even say it. Don’t even think it,” I hissed at him.

When we got up to the farmhouse Eleora and Tellias greeted us with hugs and kisses, then more hugs and kisses. Then as always they sang a little song to greet us.

Night time sharpens,
Heightens each sensation
Darkness stirs and wakes imagination
Silently the senses
Abandon their defenses

Slowly gently, night unfurls
Its splendour
Grasp it, sense it,
Tremulous and tender

Turn your face away
From the garish light of day,
Turn your thoughts away
From cold unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night

It is always something random and unexpected. Phantom of the Opera today – Metallica or Gregorian Chants tomorrow. One never knows.

“Do you know Cody is at the cottage with Lola?” Max asked the elderly Vampires as if they’d actually take his side on the issue.

“Yes Cody. We adore Cody,” said Tellias.

“We adore him,” said Eleora.

“He took to Vampiring right away,” continued Tellias.

“Right away, like he was born to it,” said Eleora.

“Never spills a drop of blood,” said Eleora.

“Never,” said Tellias.

“Never,” said Eleora.

“Cody is smart,” said Tellias.

“Smart as smart can be,” said Eleora.

“Brilliant,” said Tellias.

“Absolutely,” said Eleora.

“We like Cody a lot,” said Tellias.

“Yes we do,” said Eleora.

“He makes Lola happy,” said Tellias.

“Poor dear deserves a bit of happiness,” Eleora.

“It makes her less dramatic if you know what I mean,”said Tellias.

“You’d be less dramatic Maxwell if you had love in your life,” said Eleora.

“Real love,” said Tellias.

“True love,” said Eleora. Then she took Max by the arm and kissed him on the cheek.

My brother looked slightly annoyed but defeated. He can’t win an argument with those two. They wear him out. Plus at over 2,000 years old they know what they are talking about.

With true love you need to look for someone who will go to Hell and back with you. You need someone who is willing to build something with you. For Max it is all fluff and the chase. It is about controlled passions and high expectations.

In reality love can’t always be explained. If there is love and respect and romance then let it happen. If it doesn’t work then move on. If it does then you have something wonderful.

There was no dramatic wrap up to the story. Lola walked into the kitchen to get coffee and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She gave Max a hug and then shook her head at him and whispered, “Mind your own business.”

Next Cody staggered in and filled his mug as well. Of course he is clueless of how Max feels but that is OK. Max needs another hobby.

More on school, teens and parenting stuff will be here later today. Have a good one everyone.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman









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