Baggage (and Ancient Vampires)

This morning I stopped by the orchard surrounded farm house by the river. It is the home of the ancient Vampires, Tellias and Eleora.

Sometimes they forget necessary things, like where their car is parked, or food. I’m usually the one who checks on them. I’m the one who visits for no reason. Despite the fact that they look like they’re maybe nineteen or twenty years old they are starting to act their age, which is ancient.

I parked next to my brother Val’s car.

Tellias met me at the door. He wore an old cardigan that looked like he’d dug it out of Mr. Roger’s grave. That was paired by a pair of black dress slacks and yellow flip flops. He kissed my cheek and taking my hand led me in. “We never see you anymore Juliette.”

“You saw me on Thanksgiving. That was less than a week ago.”

“Before then,” he said. Before I could say anything back Tellias changed the subject. “I’ve been looking for my large brown suit case. Do you know where it is? It has straps.”

Eleora came dancing into the room twirling a long red skirt and wearing a lacy white blouse with a black bra underneath. It was a new look for her.

“It has six straps,” said Eleora

“Exactly six,” said Tellias

“Are you going somewhere?” I had to ask.

“No,” said Tellias.

“Do you have it?” Eleora asked as she put her arm through mine.

“Why do you need it?” I asked.

“I think Val has it,” said Tellias.

“I don’t have it,” said Val.

“Juliette used it when we went to Chicago,” Tellias said looking back at me.

I glared back at him. “That was eighty years ago. I don’t have it. You know I hate hauling around large bags.”

Tellias shot back at me. “Look for it. Maybe it is in your closet. You know what a mess your closets are. I bet you don’t even know what is in them.”

“My closets aren’t that messy,” I said.

“Check your closets,” said Eleora.

“Check under your beds too. I’m sure you have it. And don’t forget to take out all of those hair pins of yours,” said Tellias.

“I don’t use hair pins,” I said.

“Somebody does. You were the last to use it. I remember your hair was long. You wore it in a bun on the top of your head. It was all the style,” said Tellias.

Val was about to say something and I slid my finger across my throat. Time to stop.

“I think Lola has it,” said Eleora.

“Stop. Enough with the suit case,” I snapped

Someone started to speak.

“Enough,” I said.

Lola came through the door.

“Lola, do you have that big brown suit case?” Tellias asked.

“The one with the straps,” said Eleora.

“Six straps,” said Tellias.

“Stop,” I yelled.

“Six straps. It is brown leather,” said Eleora.

Lola tilted her pretty head. “Are you going somewhere?”

“No,” said Tellias.  “Do you know where the suit case is?”

“Don’t answer them Lola,” I said.

She smiled and kissed Tellias on the cheek. Next she took Eleora by the hand and twirled her around. Lola is about a thousand years younger than Tellias and Eleora and about six hundred years older than me. She still looks like a stunning women in her mid-twenties. I love my great great great great grandmama Lola.

“How are my favorite Vampires today?” Lola asked the elders.

“We’re fine,” said Tellias. “Don’t try to change the subject and don’t treat us like children. We’re old, not stupid.”

Eleora kept twirling and dancing around the room.

“Keep up that attitude and you won’t be my favorite anymore,” said Lola. “Now, to change the subject my darlings, we all need to go to Andrew’s Christmas concert together. We’ll caravan. We’ll stay the night.”

My brother Andy is a singer, mostly opera but he’ll sing anything. Anyway, he does a popular Christmas concert every year in San Francisco. I’d be more excited but the prospect of driving with the constant nonsense of three ancient Vampires and… well everyone else … it was enough to make my head spin. “Sure, that would be great Lola,” I said.

“Juliette should drive one of the cars. She never gets lost,” said Eleora, who was still twirling.

“She always knows the way,” said Tellias.

“Unlike Val and Teddy. They drive too fast,” said Eleora stopping her dance.

“Like they’re crazy,” said Tellias.

“Crazy fast,” said Eleora.

“They’re Hell on wheels,” said Tellias.

“Absolute Hell,” said Eleora.

“Enough already,” I snapped. I called Andy. “We’re all coming to the concert. All of us.”

Andy was overjoyed. As we worked out the details Tellias attempted to get the phone out of my hand. “No, you’re not going to ask him about the suitcase.”

“Ask Andrew if he is going to sing Santa Clause is Coming to Town. I know all the words to that one,” called out Eleora.

“I need to talk to him,” said Tellias grabbing the phone. “Andy, dear, what was your recipe for mulled blood. I need the spice mix.”

Tellias gave the phone back to me with a smirk. “I didn’t ask him about the suit case. If we knew where it was we could use it on this trip. We’ll all be staying overnight.”

I rolled my eyes.

“One of you must have it,” said Tellias.

Eleora opened her eyes wide. “The big brown one? It is in the closet, in the blue bedroom.”

“Thank you darling,” said Tellias with a smile.

“You’re welcome dear,” said Eleora.



So I’ll give you an update and let you know how the concert goes. 

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



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