Chalk It Up – A Rare Daytime Outing

Chalk It Up: Labor Day Weekend, 2013, Freemont Park, Sacramento, CA

Chalk It Up: Labor Day Weekend, 2013, Fremont Park, Sacramento, CA

On Saturday two of my brothers Val and Andrew, the Elders Tellias and Elora, my daughter Clara and I went downtown to the Chalk it Up event in Fremont part.

Calk it Up is a great organization that supports artists, especially young artists in the Sacramento area. Anyone can buy a square of sidewalk and create beautiful works of art – just for fun. For more information go to: Chalk it Up

The event is unique in the fact that people gather for FUN and in the blazing end of August heat make the most unique and fleeting works of art – chalk on the sidewalk around the park.

It was also unique in the fact that we rarely go out as a group, much less during the day. Oh and if you don’t already know, we’re Vampires, Modern Vampires (hence the name of this blog,)

I heard bits of their conversation.

“You’ve got her like a bad cold.”

“Do you boys remember when Fremont thought about running for president?”

“I doubt if anyone thinks you’re odd.”

One of the joys and delights of going out with Vampire men is that regular human woman can’t resist them. They’re already good looking but add that primal hunter aura and their natural attraction and all bets are off. That can be a problem too, but in broad daylight they were somewhat cautious (the Vampires).

My brothers, Andrew with his long hair and romantic poet look, and Val the tall, cute and handsome man-about-town played the part dressed casually, but covered up in button down shirts, jeans and hats. Tellias, who is ancient (over 2,000 years) but doesn’t look a day over 21 is another matter. Even if he wasn’t a Vampire his beautiful face, like a Botticelli angel would be noticed, add the almost white blonde hair and he is a vision. But there isn’t anything overtly feminine about my ancient darling. He is quite the guy, even in his old age. He was in orange plaid pants, a yellow vest, white shirt with yellow flip flops, and his pocket watch.

Tellias doesn’t get out much so he almost danced along side of my brothers despite his discomfort in the sun. He looked so darling in his old fashioned round tinted glasses which he wore to keep the sun out of his sensitive eyes.

We watched the parade of my brothers and Tellias strolling along as women who caught their gaze would take that gaze home with them for weeks, thinking about their desires with those masculine strangers. If they only knew.

Clara, Elora and I had our colorful parasols, which covered us from the sun. As we strolled along being amused by the men,  and more amused by the wonderful and truly amazing artwork.

Along with the chalk art you’ll find food, art and crafts booths and great live music. The event is free and runs through Monday.



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