Normal life – even when you know where the bodies are buried.

“How was school?”


“Did you do anything interesting?”

“Not really.”

“You must have done something.”

“Mom this is high school.”

Not much today from the teen.

But two hours later she is talking nonstop. The universe is once more balanced. Today I learned about a new girl in the mix. She is smart. She wants to be a math major when she goes to college. She in need of a makeover. In a school full of beautiful teens, or at least better than average looking teens, someone who is a little heavier, or skinnier, or plainer, or just not that stylish feels out of place. Everyone likes the girl, she is just quiet and doesn’t put herself out there.

I doubt if this will be like a 90’s teen movie where she gets a fabulous makeover and ends up at the top of the heap. Maybe she’ll just win a Nobel Prize for mathematics and give TED talks. I have high hopes for all of the kids.

I did give my child a lot of credit because she called out a boy for using the N word over and over and over. She told him to shut up. Everyone heard. He said the black kids all use it. She pointed out that first he is a pale white boy, and second none of the black kids at their school talk like that. I was glad she spoke up. Well, glad that she didn’t rip his neck out or do something else to give him nightmares for the next year.

This is Friday afternoon so I’m at the roller skating rink. The kids have a skate meet this weekend. Why yes, it is on Super Bowl Sunday. And yes, we did turn down party invitations. Sigh.

There is a lot of music from Chicago, All That Jazz, and Frozen playing. The little girls use it for their freestyle routines. Over and over and over. But wait, I hear organ music. My child and her partner are skating. They’re magical in a stepping-back-in-time sort of way.

Speaking of stepping back in time. This morning I stopped in to see the elder Vampires, Eleora and Tellias.

Two black and white county sheriff’s cars parked in front of their house by the river. One car had the words “K-9 please stay back.” Dogs. I wondered if this was a social call or something else.

My brother Val’s car was also there.

Some homeless folks were hiking along the edge of the orchard and found a human skull.

Tellias introduced me as his sister. Val had been introduced as his brother. So formalities were out of the way. Eleora wanted to be a sibling too but we had to explain to her that she was the wife, and therefore could not be a sibling. Not today. Sometimes she gets excited and forgets things.

For those of you who are new here, Tellias and Eleora are ancient Vampires, over 2,000 years old. They look like they are nineteen or twenty years old but that is where youth ends for them. They’re old people.

To make a short story long, and more interesting than it really is, more bones were found.

I pulled my brother, my real brother, aside. “Do you know who it is?”

Val led me from the room. “Remember when we were kids and they used to have poker games in the barn. Everyone would get drunk and it was an easy meal for the Vampires. You know that guy Harvey? The one who was a real asshole bully?”

“Is that Harvey?”

“That would be Harvey. But his skull is just the start of it. They found some more recent bodies, from the 1950’s about a hundred feet away. Then they found another two about a hundred feet from the house.”

“I thought Harvey had gone to Colorado. Was it one of us? Was it Vampires?”

“Apparently he offended too many people and they used him for target practice. At least that was after a couple of Werewolves got to him.”

“What about the others?”

“1956. They were selling underaged girls. Someone took care of them.”


“Tellias and Dad.”

“Our dad?”

“Yes, our father.”

My head was getting light which wasn’t good since I don’t have that much blood in my body anyway. “Then who did the recent body belong to?”

“Meth. She was no doubt left by her friends. Friends isn’t the right word to use. She was left by… I’m so disgusted.”

“I can’t imagine ever feeling that unloved.” I turned away and went back inside. I left feeling stressed, a little sad, and completely disgusted. Val would take care of Tellias and Eleora for today. I’ll go back  tomorrow.

So the fact that school was normal without much drama was a good thing. I later learned about a kid at school who played the tuba, and another who wanted to be a minister. There were more stories about teachers and news stories about local events.

I didn’t say anything about the bodies.

Sometimes we just need life to be simple, and normal. Even for Vampires.


~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

7 thoughts on “Normal life – even when you know where the bodies are buried.

  1. I love this article.
    And did you know that Microsoft apparently was informed that your blog is potentially “harmful”? I need to answer a safety survey whenever I want to read your new blog post. *grin*
    And yes: I do mark it as “safe”!


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