Under the Stars in the Beauty of Everything


I have no story today because I was up in the hills hiking in places where a zillion stars can still be seen out at night.

My feet were so dirty in my sandals (Waterproof Tevas) that Tellias commented that I looked like I was walking in biblical times. He should know. He was there in biblical times as a citizen of the Roman Empire. A unique being who could tell fortunes and create all kinds of magic.

Nights were cold and quiet. Days were cool and quiet.

As we drove up there through the small, teeny tiny old Gold Rush era towns I thought of the times when thousands and thousands of people were up in those hills trying to find their fortune. Now they have another kind of fortune (not withstanding all of the pot growers on National Forest land).

It takes a different kind of person to live in the small isolated towns that are still mostly populated by buildings that were built before the Civil War. I know, if you live in the East that isn’t such a big deal, but here it is a really big deal.

The old brick, stone, and wood structures bring back memories and spark the imagination.

Relaxing at camp after a long walk along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Relaxing at camp after a long walk along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Then there are the woods, and the pitch black darkness of a mountain night. As my husband Teddy and I took a romantic walk under the trees and zillion stars he said, “This is my church.”

We looked at the stars and speculated on who was out there, far far away, looking at our obscure little star, out in the boondocks of the Milky Way. They’re out there. They’re like us. They’re walking under the stars, arm in arm, stealing kisses, taking about the beauty of the universe, and wondering who we are.

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman



7 thoughts on “Under the Stars in the Beauty of Everything

    • Thank you. It is so rare to see the stars anymore. More and more cities are starting to put limits on night lighting so that we can look up and see that we are not alone (or very alone, depending on your view.)

      • We took extra precautions here locally. All the security lights angle downward to minimize upward refraction, so it’s as dark as can be expected from the rooftop. Fortunately, Glenville, WV isn’t what you’d call a major city (at all) and the sky view is incredible on a cloudless, moonless night.

  1. I envy you, J. I’d love to be up in the mountains for a while again. Days there are so crisp and clean, and nights, while sometimes cold, are so clear you feel like you can see all the way to heaven. Your Teddy’s right, there’s no finer place to roam than out there in God’s own cathedral. Need some pics of the ghost towns ! Hope you’re having a great time. 🙂

    • It is so beautiful and I treasure my closeness to such beauty. No ghosts! At least not just ghosts. These small towns have thriving populations of 250 – 600 people. But it is like going back in time. There was never any reason or incentive to tear down the old buildings. These structures hold too many memories and too much history. Without street lights the stars still burn bright. xoxox


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