Lost Love & Pandemic Excuses

“He clung to the edge of my heart like pond scum.”

Lola sat back in the chair and stretched out her long legs. Then she smiled and winked at me.

“How long ago was that?” I asked my great great great great grandmama.

“At least six hundred years, but who’s counting.”

I didn’t ask her what his name was. She would have told me if she wanted me to know. Lola was like that. She dished out information in small scoops, and tiny bits. At this point in my life (all 161 years) I could tell if she was telling the truth, or a lie, or a half lie. The truth was always a bit more descriptive and interesting. She was such a Vampire in so many ways.

“Do you think we’ll have stay at home orders again?” Lola asked me.

“I hope not. It makes it difficult for everyone. I hope the new masks requirements will make people think twice and finally get vaccinated.”

“Assholes,” said Lola. “Every plague has them you know. Absolute assholes making every excuse from religion, to politics, to childish ignorance. You’d think people would change but they never do. I swear the only ones who change are us, you know Vampires.”

I didn’t respond, and let the cat outside for the 12th time today. He’d want back inside in a few minutes. 

Anyway, please do the right thing and get vaccinated for Covid-19. Wear your mask. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. Support small local businesses. Talk to your kids. Listen to your kids. Check in on those who are elderly or need extra help in the summer heat. And of course, kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later.)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman

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