Social Media

We all can get a bit snarky, sarcastic, gross, and disgusting at times. We can use those terms I just used to be funny or to express frustrations, and even other emotions.

That is fine. We’re adults. We can say whatever we want. If you live in most of the free world it is your right to say whatever you want no matter how offensive or rude it is. It is your right but it doesn’t mean what you are saying isn’t wrong.

I am an admin in several FaceBook groups. In all of those groups we take a hard line against those who are openly sexists, racists, and homophobic. We also take a hard line on those who are blindly judgmental. We also do not tolerate those who kill dreams and discourage others from being creative and creating the words, art, music, and other works that comes from their souls.

We can be crude, lewd, and deviant. We talk dirty. We swear. We laugh at things polite society wouldn’t approve of. That doesn’t mean we hate. It doesn’t mean we judge people for who they are and what they are. Of course unless they’re assholes because nobody is born an asshole – that is a choice one makes. We do not suffer assholes.

I am writing this because today the admins of a well respected group I’m in kicked someone out and deleted all of his comments due to gross hateful comments. I have great respect for the admins for doing that.

Recently a lot of people have been railing on about the evils of social media. Yes, there is too much hate and hostility online. But please don’t judge everyone by those hateful, ignorant, maggot-like individuals and groups. Out in the social media universe are many good people. I believe there are far more good, smart, caring, and open minded individuals than haters. The difference is that the haters have no shame, and they always have their megaphones on full blast. Haters never learned how to use their indoor voices. Haters never learned how to think for themselves. Haters never learned how to LISTEN to others. Haters hide behind the veil of anonymity that social media affords them.

I have an old book of jokes from the 1880’s. It is chock full of racist and sexists jokes, stories, and illustrations. It is a truly horrible and vile publication. The book is crumbling and falling apart, but I’ve kept it all these years. Why? I keep it as a reminder that there is no such thing as “the good old days.”

The good old days were full of fear and hate and ignorance, just like the world is today. I wish that wasn’t so.

So, when you’re on FB or any other social media platform and someone is a jerk just move on. Commenting won’t change ignorant views and you’ll end up being stalked by their asshole friends. If you find someone offensive then unfriend them. If they are family or a friend you should still unfriend them. You don’t need that. Nobody needs that.

We should be supporting each other, not knocking each other down. We should be learning from each other, not basking in the cold slimy fog of ignorance.

So with those thoughts I’ll leave you with my usual message. Be kind. Don’t be a dick. Get vaccinated. Talk to your kids. Listen to your kids. LISTEN. 👂 Check in on those who are elderly or might need extra help. Hug your dog. And of course kiss a Vampire (you’ll thank me for it later.)

~ Juliette aka Vampire Maman


  1. You’re so right. But did you know, that there are groups of cyberbullies that won’t accept you not saying anything? They try to provoke a verbal social media war – and even if you try to disappear and leave them, they still will stalk you and put you down… There are times Social media can be a curse rather than a blessing.
    Sending you a big hug!

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